The Healthy RV Lifestyle - Eating Right on the Road

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Healthy RV Lifestyle: Eat healthy on the go

It’s not always easy to eat healthy while on the road, and it can be difficult to stick to a schedule while on vacation.  Especially if you’re stopping off for sweet treats.  You may get tempted to indulge with convenient unhealthy snacks while traveling in your RV, but eating healthy may be easier than you think. helps you eat healthy while travelingWhen dining out, be on the lookout for nutritious options. is a great resource for finding dietitian-approved menu choices at over 60,000 restaurants from fast food to fine dining.  “Focus on the basics – lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables,” advises Erica Bohm from Healthy Dining, “Watch portion sizes in restaurants.  Don’t shy away from quick-serve restaurants; they often have a nice variety of healthy options.”

Many quick and convenient restaurants are beginning to offer healthy alternatives, including McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Chili’s and Denny’s.  When you’re at smaller destinations, you can still find favorable options.  “Grilled fish or chicken with veggies and brown rice or a small baked potato – request little added oil or butter,” suggests Bohm, “or an entrée salad with lean protein on top with dressing on the side.”

One of the benefits of owning a motorhome is having a kitchen on the go, which allows for normal eating habits.  Instead of giving up your diet plan, plan ahead for healthy eating while traveling.  “Stock your fridge with fresh fruit, cook oatmeal in the morning and make sandwiches on whole grain bread,” adds Bohm.  Make sure to avoid soda and drink plenty of water.  It’s important to stay well-hydrated, especially when exposed to the sun during outdoor activities.

When buying produce at your grocery store, opt for organic whenever possible.  Better yet, take advantage of roadside stands for fresh local produce.  Search for local farmers markets in your destination areas before you take off, they’re great places to find fresh produce.

You want to enjoy your RV road trip vacation, and eating healthy will only provide you with more energy to take you to your next destination.  Bohm makes a good point when it comes to staying on track.  “If you’re on vacation for a week or more and decide to forgo your otherwise healthy way of eating, you could slip into a pattern of indulgence.  It’s often harder to get back on track once you’ve gotten in the habit of not caring what you eat.”

What do you do on the road to stay healthy?  La Mesa RV has been assisting families in finding their dream RV for almost 40 years.  Come visit us at one of our eight locations and share with us your latest travel tips.

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