Seven Ways to Handle Mail While RVing

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Mail while traveling

You’ve mapped out your destination, found the perfect camping spot, stocked the motorhome with food and you’re ready to watch the sunset around the campfire.  Just as you break out the s’mores and begin relaxing it hits you: bills back home are stacking up, your important DMV documents are on their way and “junk mail” drowns your mail box.

Whether you’re hauling your travel trailer to Arizona or taking the new Winnebago to the beaches of San Diego, one of the challenges you’ll face on the road is what to do with your mail while you’re gone.  Thankfully there are many options available these days for each RV lifestyle, no matter how long you’re gone.

1.      Rely on a Friend or Family Member.  Have a relative, friend or reliable neighbor collect your letters and keep track of them.  Come up with a mail-checking schedule together depending on how much mail you receive and what is convenient for them.  If anything urgent arrives, you can plan on hearing from them along the way.  The best part is that it’s free – but be sure to show your appreciation.

2.      Put a Hold on Mail.  If your trip will be less than 30 days, what about holding your mail?  This is a free service offered by US Postal Service and you don’t have to hassle with a stuffed mailbox when you get home.  Holding your mail may be best if you’re not expecting time sensitive material or if your trip will be short. 

3.      Rent a PO Box.  This is a great option for a seasonal and localized trip.  The minimum time to rent a PO Box with the US Postal Service is typically six months, but the rate is relatively inexpensive.  For security, you’ll need two forms of ID so be prepared when setting up your PO Box.  Don’t forget to set up a temporary change of address as well.

4.      Utilize a Mail Forwarding Service.  This is a common choice for full-timers, where mail can be forwarded to different locations along the way.  Memberships with paid clubs such as FMCA, Escapees or Good Sam Club offer these types of services where you can have your mail sent to you at your current location when you’re ready. 

5.      Use General Delivery.  This option provided by the US Postal Service is great if you’ll be stopping in a small town – some larger locations may not provide it, but try giving them a call first.  Have your mail delivered to your name in care of General Delivery, Town, State and Zip.  General Delivery will hold mail for 30 days. 

6.      Pay for an Online Mail Managing Service.  This innovative service allows you to view scanned envelope images online and decide what action to take: open and scan, forward, shred, and so on.  Plans from services such as Earth Class Mail and Mailbox Forwarding provide month to month or pay as you go structured plans.  This can get expensive, but it may be worth it if you have lots of important mail to deal with. 

7.      If All Else Fails, Go Electronic.  Spread the word before you leave to family and friends that you will be on the road and e-mail will be the best way to reach you.  Many facilities and hotspots along the way offer free Wi-Fi, making it easy to stay connected.  Expenses will still need to be covered back at home, so consider setting up easy and convenient online automatic payments.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to allow plenty of time for transitions and unexpected system delays.  Once you hit the road, enjoy the time with your loved ones and don’t fuss over mail getting lost along the way.

La Mesa RV has been helping RVers experience life through RVing for almost 40 years.  So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by!  We have RV dealerships in Arizona, California and Florida.  We love to meet new friends and catch up with old ones!

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  1. Why use a mail forwarding service? Taking a long vacation? Moving? Going home for the summer? Use USPS flexible forwarding and delivery services to have your mail follow you.