How to RV: The Class B Motorhome

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Class B Motorhome: Leisure Travel Vans
The 2011 Leisure Travel Van Free Spirit

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle or you’re considering buying a motorhome, there are a lot of new terms you are learning.  What are the differences between Class C motorhomes and Class A motorhomes?  Are there advantages to owning a Class B motorhome instead?  We’d like to help clarify the differences to assist with your decision.

Motorhomes are motorized recreational vehicles (non-towables), and there are three different types, or classes: A, B and C.  Starting with the smallest, let’s take a look at Class B motorhomes.
Class B Motorhome: Pleasure Way
The interior of the Pleasure Way Excel. 
Class B motorhome interiors are small,
but you'll find most necessary amenities.

Class B motorhomes, also known as van campers or conversion vans, are small cargo vans with added amenities including sleeping, eating and bathroom areas.  Class Bs lack a master bedroom; instead you’ll have a folding couch or drop down table providing sleeping quarters.  They’re a lot narrower than larger motorhomes because they utilize the space within the existing van body. 

Space is a little cramped, but these RVs are among the most versatile and economical.  Their compact size allows for parking in standard garages and driveways.  They can also be used for primary transportation, a family vehicle or carpool van.  And since it’s easy to drive, it can also be used to get around while at your destination.

Class B motorhomes are a cost-effective option for couples or young families taking short trips.  You’ll get better gas mileage with camper vans than larger motorhomes, plus there are many affordable options available.  There’s room for two to sleep, and some can even accommodate up to four.

The 2012 Pleasure Way Plateau
Over the years the Class B motorhome has evolved into comfortable and sophisticated modes of transportation with high-end amenities.  Popular manufacturers today include Pleasure Way and Leisure Travel Vans.  The Pleasure Way Excel offers a wider, spacious aisle, ultraleather seating and memory foam mattresses.  The Leisure Travel Van Unity is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis and offers and innovative queen size Murphy bed for optimal space.

Camper vans are multi-purpose vehicles, perfect for small trips and small groups.  They are very easy to drive, plus you’ll have living quarters on hand whenever you’re off to Experience Life.  They aren’t ideal for fulltimers – since space is pretty limited – and they lack the additional cab-over space you’ll find in Class C motorhomes. 

Conclusion: Class B motorhomes obviously offer you the best gas mileage and efficiency, but you’ll compromise sufficient space. 

If the Class B motorhomes are just too small for you, stay tuned for more in out How to RV series.  Next up: the Class C motorhome.

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