NPCA - Protecting National Parks for Future Generations

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National Parks Conservation AssociationYosemite!  Smell the crisp air.  Stand before spectacular waterfalls and creeks with clear rushing water.  Explore the cascading evergreen cliffs in solitude.  When it’s time to move on, drive your RV through California and head out to Arizona.  Wander through the Grand Canyon to explore the awe-inspiring red-carved rocks and sun-soaked hiking paths.

Imagine if you were never able to experience these moments – or worse, what if your children and grandchildren couldn’t?

Fortunately, there is the National Parks Conservation Association whose mission is to protect our national parks for future generations.  NPCA advocates for national parks, educates the public about park preservation and convinces members of Congress to uphold the laws protecting our parks.  In their 92 year history they have grown from a tiny staff to about 170 employees in 24 field offices nationally.  Most recently they helped resolve a 60 year controversy around a proposed highway construction through the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Currently some of the biggest threats facing national parks are loss of native park wildlife and plants, poor air quality and a lack of available resources and funding.  In a recent conversation, NPCA Senior Vice President for Policy Ron Tipton offered us a number of ways to help: “You can volunteer to help with organized activities at parks designed to protect park resources, you can join NPCA’s e-activist program and be part of 600,000 members and supporters committed to taking action for the parks, and you can tell your elected representative in your own words how important national park units in your own state or area are to you.”

Not only are individuals helping to raise awareness for preservation, but large corporations such as Nature Valley, Chevron and REI are partnering up with NPCA for a sustainable future.  In July 2011 Nature Valley launched the second year of the National Parks Project.  “We have a number of current projects at specific parks designed to help protect wildlife that Nature Valley is underwriting,” said Tipton, “including protecting and restoring pronghorn antelope migration routes near Yellowstone.”  Consumers can visit and enter UPCs from their granola bars to help raise money for the NPCA.

National parks embody the American spirit, where you can take your motorhome or travel trailer to find inspiration, peace and open space.  Americans have the opportunity to experience breathtaking beauty and see some of the rarest plants and species right in their own backyard.  RVers are passionate about the open road and outdoors and Tipton advises us to “enjoy the parks as much as possible, while respecting the need to protect them for future generations.  There will always be a place for RV owners in the parks.”

Visiting the beautiful parks that America has to offer is a great way to “Experience Life” in an RV.  Visit La Mesa RV on Facebook to share some of your fondest memories at national parks.  Better yet, stop by one of our RV dealerships to share your experiences with us!  We’ve been helping RVers create a lifetime of great travel memories since 1972.  To learn more about the NPCA and how you can contribute to park preservation, visit their website at 

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