How to RV: The Class C Motorhome

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Class C Motorhome: Itasca Impulse
The 2011 Itasca Impulse

If Goldilocks were to pick out her motorhome, she would probably opt for the Class C motorhome.  It’s not too big (Class A) or too small (Class B) – but just right.

The Class C motorhome offers the advantages of a larger motorhome in a scaled down version and at a lower price.  You can spot a Class C immediately by its “C” shaped silhouette: the cargo van driving portion is covered by the cab-over portion for extra sleeping space.

You’ll find many of the same amenities in a Class C that you will in a Class A on a smaller scale: full sleeping, kitchen, dining and bathroom areas for comfortable living.  You won’t find the luxurious Class A features like washer and dryers, ice machines and heated floors (we’ll get to those next), but more or less your living requirements will be met.  The truck chassis is able to carry more weight than smaller motorhomes, giving RV manufacturers the freedom to add more features.  Class Cs have larger storage tanks for water, waste and propane.  There’s also adequate storage found in the bedroom closets, cupboards and compartments outside.
Class C Motorhome: Flettwood Jamboree Sport
Inside a Class C - like this
2012 Fleetwood Jamboree
Sport - you find a full working
kitchen and master bedroom.
Slideouts are a feature you’ll start finding on these midsize RVs.  At the touch of a button, the slideout moves a portion of the exterior wall outward, increasing living space while parked.  Class C motorhomes have up to four slideouts, which really make a difference.  With the large cab-over bed, folding sofa, drop down dinette and rear bedroom, these types can comfortably sleep six, making this a great option for families.  Bathrooms are small, but they do come with a complete shower.

These motorhomes are fairly easy to maneuver, maneuvering like a U-Haul moving truck.  Typically easier to drive than a Class A motorhome, you can access more secluded campgrounds with their overall smaller size.  The primary cockpit construction presents safety features, such as the frontal crush area and all-steel cage providing protection for the driver and passenger in case of an accident.
Class C Motorhome: Fleetwood Jamboree Sport
With the additional cab-over
sleeping space, sofa and dinette,
you'll have sleeping space for the
whole family.
Some manufacturers that offer Class C motorhomes are Fleetwood, Winnebago, Itasca and Thor Motor Coach. Most new motorhomes in this category have large LCD TVs mounted behind the cockpit in the cab-over, decent-sized stoves and refrigerators and often private master bedrooms. The Itasca Cambria offers a pullout leather couch for convenient and comfortable sleeping or a U-shaped dinette in its place. The Thor Motor Coach Chateau has the perfect combination of space and options. Depending on the specific model, it may have a extra large storage unit in the rear of the coach or even bunk beds.

Conclusion: Class C motorhomes are less efficient than Class Bs, but are great for families.  You’ll get plenty of home advantages on the road, but not as many as the Class A.

If you are looking for the most luxurious RV experience and a complete “home away from home”, come back soon to hear about the spacious Class A motorhomes.

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