Motorhomes Save the Day during the San Diego Power Outage

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Sweeping blackouts may have taken over 5 million California residents by surprise on Thursday evening, but there were a certain group of savvy RV owners basking in comfort and offering help to others.  While most residents struggled in the dark, fishing out candles and flashlights waiting for the power to return, those with their own motorhomes found themselves surprisingly comfortable and in a position to help out their neighbors.  

Many RV owners took to their Twitter accounts to praise the advantages of owning a motorhome during an unexpected outage.  They sat in their generator-powered coach, watching the NFL game in their RV, ran the AC and kept food cold in their refrigerator:

          "Total power outage in San Diego for 7+ hours now.  Very thankful for the RV.  We charged all electronics off the solar and are now running 4G"
          "Power outage in San Diego Thank God for an RV, AV, DirecTV, and a cooler of beer!!!"    

          "Love my Packers! Up 14-0. Watching the game using the motorhome to power the big screen because no electricity in San Diego County!"     
          "In San Diego with no power but local sports bar plugged TVs up to RV generator."   
          "Also thankful for the RV because we were able to save all of our food by putting it in its propane-powered fridge!"   
Users on Facebook were particularly excited to share their relaxed situation from an RV as well:
        "Power’s out all over the Southwest!  It’s mayhem!  Apocalypse!  …I live in an RV!  Yay propane refrigerator!"          

          "One advantage about motorhome living – when the power goes out you just go on like nothing has happened."   

          "BLACK OUT! No power in San Diego.  Thank God we haven’t sold our RV..."   

          "Yuma has a blackout… it was 111 degrees today… It is a good reason to live full time in a RV with generator!  Your friends really begin to like you…"           

          "Thank God we are totally contained in our RV by having a trusty dusty generator.  We can still enjoy the comforts of life & watch the Packer game while all those poor people in their homes have to live by candle light..." 

Social media played a huge part in keeping residents up to date – since most people couldn’t access a TV or radio, checking Twitter updates from SDG&E on a smart phone was the best way to stay in the loop.  One Twitter user even advised helping those in need with your RV: 

          @ZachNews Breaking News!!!: San Diego County Outage: If You Have A RV That Is Cool Inside, Please Help Senior Citizens Stay Cool During Outage. 

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