Winnebago: Setting the Standard

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Winnebago RVs
RV Manufacturer: Winnebago Industries, Inc.
Located in: Forest City, Iowa
In business since: 1958
Types of RVs: Class A Motorhomes and Class C Motorhomes (mostly)

Today Winnebago is known for legendary, reputable Class A Motorhomes – but did you know they first got their start creating travel trailers?

In 1958, businessman John K. Hanson convinced a California company to open a travel trailer factory in Iowa, under the name Modernistic Industries.  They soon became known as Winnebago Industries, named after the county they were located in.  Motorized RVs gained popularity in the late 1950s, but were far too expensive for the average American.  That all changed when Winnebago Industries began the first mass-production of the self-contained motorhome in 1966.

They have now grown into the leading motorhome manufacturer in the United States (including Itasca, introduced in 1975), and have earned a strong following of loyal customers.

Owners are happy to be part of their Winnebago-Itasca Travelers club.  “I know there are other owners clubs out there,” explains Kelli Harms from Winnebago Industries, “but this one is truly a family.  Our WIT members bring the RV lifestyle to life.”

Customers can also feel at ease knowing they manufacture the majority of their parts in their Iowa facility.  This means they can replace virtually any part from any given model or year for their RVs.  There’s no need for them to rely on outside suppliers that may go out of business down the road.
Winnebago Tour for sale
The 2012 Winnebago Tour

The Winnebago Tour and Itasca Ellipse really set themselves apart from the competition, with their stunning exterior and enticing floor plans.  Winnebago has a history of engineering features that eventually become industry standards.  Some of their recent developments were the TrueAir Maximum Comfort AC for consistent airflow, the +Lounger which converts to a recliner with a flip-up desk when not being used as the passenger cab seat, and the Pantry x2 with significant kitchen storage space.

It’s no surprise they’ve won the prestigious Quality Circle Award from the RVDA every year it’s been awarded.  They now count 16 annual awards for all three of their motorized brands: Winnebago, Itasca, and Era.

Building a quality reputation doesn’t happen overnight, and there are few manufacturers out there that have been in the RV industry as long as they have.  53 years down the road, Winnebago continues to build quality motorhomes under the Winnebago and Itasca brand names.  In 2010 they even went back to their towable roots with the addition of SunnyBrook towables.  

La Mesa RV has won many Circle of Excellence awards for being a top Winnebago dealer nationwide.  Come visit us to discover how Winnebago is moving the industry forward as the most celebrated name in RVs.

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