The Healthy RV Lifestyle: Take Your Yoga Routine on the Road

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Yoga RV
Sally Hauca, one of the founders of YogaRVing,
practicing yoga routines on the road.
When Canada native MaryAnne Galey transitioned from a 33 year career to a fulltime RV vacation, she couldn’t be happier fulfilling projects from a lifelong bucket list.  However, she yearned to stay active and missed yoga classes from her yoga instructor, Sally Hauca.

While in Nevada with her husband, Galey thought, “I wanted to do my yoga before I went for a walk, and I just thought, ‘I need Sally’s program on a DVD.’”

After approaching Hauca (also an RV owner) for a take-along-program when she returned, the two came up with an even better idea.  They decided to partner up and create a yoga DVD that would separate itself from the rest: YogaRVing, a program designed specifically for the small space of an RV.

Yoga in your RV
These routines are designed
sepecifically to fit in the space of
a motorhome or trailer.
While you may think your RV is too small to practice yoga, these business partners point out that a yoga mat is the same width as an RV aisle way.  In fact, you can even practice this DVD in all RV sizes, from Class A motorhomes to travel trailers.

YogaRVing has three sections that can be played through for the complete hour long session, or you can play individual segments.  They make use of surrounding space by incorporating RV “props” such as seats and tables into the routines.

Fitness and maintaining healthy eating patterns are important even while you’re away from home, and yoga is a great way to improve your balance, strength and relaxation.  “No excuses,” says Galey, “RVers and travelers need to stay fit and healthy in their prime of their lives when they are the freest and have the most time to enjoy their body.” 

If you’re a frequent traveler looking for a fitness solution while you’re vacationing in an RV, the YogaRVing DVD is available for sale online at  For more information on La Mesa RV, visit

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