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RVing with pets
RVing with pets: Rod & Amy Burkert with Ty (left) &
Buster (right) traveling in their Winnebago
Ever try to plan an RV trip with your dog, but get frustrated about pet restrictions at campgrounds?  Try to find a restaurant that allows pets?  Feel like the trip planning is daunting?

Amy and Rod Burkert felt the same way when traveling in their Winnebago.  So they decided to do something about it.

When they started planning their annual fishing trip to Canada to include their dogs Buster (a German Shepherd) and Ty (a Shar-Pei), the preparation was time consuming.  They found themselves searching for days for pet-friendly accommodations.

Pet-friendly travel“We knew others had to be struggling with the same challenges we were, and we wanted to make [pet] travel planning easy,” explained Amy.  They developed in 2009, a free website to find pet-friendly accommodations while on the road.  “Our goal is to connect pet lovers with businesses and service providers that will make their travel experiences exceptional.”

Amy and Rod do a lot of researching themselves to add listings to the website, but they also count on pet lovers like you to submit places they come across.  It’s easy to add a listing – just fill out the fields and they’ll do the rest.

RVing with dogs
Buster and Ty surfing to
find accomodations while on the road
The website features a handy Road Trip Planner, making trip planning a breeze.  Simply enter your starting point and destination, and you’ll get a mapped route of pet friendly campgrounds, restaurants and more.  You’ll even discover out-of-the-ordinary destinations like major league baseball games, ferry boats, shopping and golf courses!

They use their blog to share stories from the road and offer their top tips.  “My best advice is don’t go anywhere until you have a way of securing your pet in the vehicle,” Amy advises to us.  “Pets can be a distraction to the driver, and in an accident they could be severely injured.” has developed a partnership with Winnebago, the RV manufacturer of the motorhome they travel in fulltime.  As fulltimers, they’ve been able to find the pet-friendliest-cities in the country.  “Austin really stands out as super-pet-friendly,” reveals Amy. “Everyone takes their dogs everywhere!” 

If you’re searching for places that will welcome your pets while traveling in an RV, visit for guidance.  And while you’re on your trip, La Mesa RV has locations nationally in Arizona, California, Florida and New Mexico to help with all your RV needs!

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