San Diego Blood Drive at La Mesa RV

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In the US a blood transfusion takes place every two seconds, and to supply just the hospitals served by the San Diego Blood Bank, about 400 donations are needed every day!  So join La Mesa RV San Diego to reach this goal and help save lives.

La Mesa RV San Diego Blood Drive
Benefiting the San Diego Blood Bank
Thursday January 5th, 2012
11am to 4pm

La Mesa RV San Diego is located at 7430 Copley Park Place in San Diego.  Exit Convoy from Highway 52, click here for location.

Make an appointment online by clicking here for the La Mesa RV blood drive event.  (Alternatively, visit, click “Appointments” under “Donate Blood” and type LMRV for the Sponsor Code and submit)

Don’t forget to eat a good meal full of iron rich foods before arriving and make sure to bring a valid ID, such as a driver’s license.  

Donating blood helps hospital patients who are battling life-threatening blood disorders and those who need blood during trauma situations.  Click here to see patient stories from children, men and women whose lives were saved thanks to donations to the San Diego Blood Bank.

You’ll also accrue points with San Diego Blood Bank that you can use to purchase movie tickets, Cold Stone gift cards, free car washes and so much more!

Make sure to schedule your appointment for our blood drive happening at our RV dealership in San Diego, and if you have any questions contact Joanne Magoon at

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