The Healthy RV Lifestyle - Eating Right on the Road

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Healthy RV Lifestyle: Eat healthy on the go

It’s not always easy to eat healthy while on the road, and it can be difficult to stick to a schedule while on vacation.  Especially if you’re stopping off for sweet treats.  You may get tempted to indulge with convenient unhealthy snacks while traveling in your RV, but eating healthy may be easier than you think.


A Sweet RV Trip: Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

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Ice Cream RV Trip
July presents warm weather for RV camping, but did you know it’s also National Ice Cream Month?  According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the US ice cream industry generates more than $21 billion in annual sales and 9% of milk produced by US dairy farmers is used to make ice cream.  In 1984 Ronald Reagan designated July as the month to celebrate America’s favorite dessert.

Creative family trips in your motorhome are a great way to create lifelong memories.  There are hundreds of ice cream manufacturers across the country, and in honor of National Ice Cream Month, add one to your list of destinations and try some ice cream America has to offer.


Seven Ways to Handle Mail While RVing

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Mail while traveling

You’ve mapped out your destination, found the perfect camping spot, stocked the motorhome with food and you’re ready to watch the sunset around the campfire.  Just as you break out the s’mores and begin relaxing it hits you: bills back home are stacking up, your important DMV documents are on their way and “junk mail” drowns your mail box.

Whether you’re hauling your travel trailer to Arizona or taking the new Winnebago to the beaches of San Diego, one of the challenges you’ll face on the road is what to do with your mail while you’re gone.  Thankfully there are many options available these days for each RV lifestyle, no matter how long you’re gone.