Tips for Attending RV Shows

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Spring is right around the corner, which not only means it’s time to start camping more, but RV shows are already in full swing across the country.  A new motorhome will take you along the coasts, into the mountains and through national parks.  You’ll get to explore the outdoors and create priceless memories with your family.  RV shows are a great place to start your adventures, but come prepared to make the most of the event.

You’ve probably already given it some thought, but know how you’ll be using your RV.  Will you want a large Class A motorhome to travel across the country or tailgate on weekends?  Are you traveling as a couple or with kids or grandkids?  Will there be height restrictions where you’re traveling?  At RV shows you’ll see a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so think about your priorities.

Determine what you can’t live without and what would be nice to have.  Browse our current inventory to get some ideas.  Many fifth wheels have electric fireplaces and a lot of diesel pushers have washer and dryers.

Thinking about buying a used motorhome?  You can often make a great deal on new RVs at special clearance shows, so it’s definitely worth checking the inventory out while you’re there.

If you have questions, now is the time to ask!  RV shows are full of educated sales staff and reps that are happy to answer your questions and help you select the RV that fits your budget and lifestyle.  Consider going on a weekday if you can to avoid larger crowds.

You can find RV shows all over the country, so look for events near you and close to where you’ll be traveling too.  Planning a trip to Disneyworld?  There are plenty of RV shows in Orlando that are worth checking out.  A great way to find upcoming RV shows is to follow La Mesa RV onFacebook for weekly updates.  All events posted are free and open to the public.

Now lace up your comfortable shoes, pick up the show flyer when you enter for highlighted deals and enjoy your weekend at a free RV show!  What do you look forward to seeing at an RV show?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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