Staying Cool in Your RV

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Keeping cool in your RV

Suffering through the hot summer months in your new RV can be painful, but don’t let that prevent you from enjoying your summer.  Those who RV in Arizona, Florida and other hot places know how hot it can get.  But with the right preparation, you’ll be cooling down in no time.  Here are a few tips for beating the heat in your RV.

The shade is your friend
Try to get a campsite in a shady area.  If you can’t, at least park the RV where it will be exposed to the least amount of sun (hint: park the rear or front to the south).  Many RVs (including travel trailers) have automatic electric awnings, giving you a big area to relax under.  Picnic umbrellas are also nice to have.

Keep the heat OUT
The direct sunlight can make it scorching and stuffy inside your RV.  Close the blinds while you’re out and invest in some windshield covers to block the heat.  Cook as much food as you can outside – hamburgers, corn on the cob, and s’mores – so you don’t kick up the oven heat too often.

Take care of your A/C
Make sure to keep your air-conditioner clean and in tip-top condition to get the best performance out of it.  Dust, leaves and dirt will prevent it from working properly.  RV air-conditioning covers will protect it from exposure.  Take your RV in for service and have your A/C inspected to make sure it’s ready to make an impact on those hot days.

Water in its many forms
Water absorbs heat as it evaporates, so use it to cool off.  Many RVs – from Tiffin, Fleetwood, Heartland and more – have icemakers built right into the refrigerator.  Use spray bottles for a quick mist if you can’t get to the lake, beach or campground pool.  Filling buckets of water in your RV can actually add some humidity as it evaporates, cooling the air slightly.  Most importantly: stay hydrated.  So drink up!

What are your best tips for the hot summer months?  Tell us how you are staying cool this summer in the comments below. 

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