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Valentine's Day is here, and what better way to get a little closer with your sweetie than with a romantic RV trip?  Owning an RV puts you at an advantage for this special holiday: while others are working hard on their plans, you can escape from it all.  You can create an all day, romance-filled adventure without hardly spending a dime.

To begin, choose an RV destination that offers relaxing activities like walks on the beach, or enjoyable hiking trails.  (For inspiration, check out this list of the top romantic destinations, or the perfect excursion can be just around the corner from home.)  Nothing quite compares to a beautiful setting like the sparkling sea, inspiring mountains, or the colorful Arizona desert.  Watching the sunrise or sunset with your significant other with a majestic view will really knock their socks off.

During the day plan a simple picnic lunch.  Depending on how far your favorite spot is, you'll want to lighten the load to carry since it's just the two of you.  Pack up some cheese, bread, fruit and your choice of wine.  Load up the picnic basket with the essentials: plastic silverware, napkins, plastic cups, a corkscrew, trash bag and sunscreen.  Try to keep a loaded basket in your motorhome at all times for everyday romantic adventures.  And don't forget a large, soft blanket!

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days to eat out, so forgo the reservations at an expensive restaurant, since you have your own kitchen on wheels.  Crockpots work great in your motorhome or trailer, so search for a recipe loved by your better half, and prep early.  Dinner will be ready when you are, with little effort and time.  No sense in wasting too much time cooking and cleaning during your romantic retreat.

There's no better way to end any camping night than cuddling up by the campfire.  Pack extra blankets in your RV, and have some s'mores supplies readily available.  And while RV space is small, there's still plenty of room for a romantic, easy dessert like chocolate covered strawberries (or try a twist on the classic, champagne soaked chocolate covered strawberries).

A new RV provides you with an endless amount of family fun and a place to spend quality time with the ones you love the most.  Where have you spent your romantic RV getaway?  What are some of the best trips you've taken?  Share them on our Facebook page.

Happy Valentine's Day from La Mesa RV!

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  2. Thanks Andy , I like that type of outdoor holiday, last year we explored Ireland in a camping van , the petrol was expensive but the distance travelled was less than for USA for example Andy Miller