Why You Should Avoid RV Consignment

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If this is your first time selling your RV you may have noticed there are many options available.  Maybe you’ve tried listing your RV online or in the newspaper, and maybe you are considering RV consignment.  RV consignment may seem like a great option for selling your used RV.  After all, the consignment service will take care of marketing your motorhome for you.  But closer inspection will reveal that motorhome consignment may not be best for you.

What is Consignment?
RV consignment means you allow a dealership or service to sell your RV for you.  You remain the owner until the unit is sold, so you will still be making any necessary payments and covering insurance.  Your RV for sale through the consignment service will typically be placed on a lot with many other vehicles.  You’ll agree on a time period for them to have the coach and a selling price in a contract together.

Disadvantages of RV Consignment
  • Be prepared to put in some extra work with your RV – this includes deep cleaning both inside and out, fixing any problems and tuning up the vehicle.  If there are any repairs needed, you are responsible for those costs before you can sell your RV.
  • You will not receive any money until the recreational vehicle is sold to a new customer.  How much you receive also depends on the agreement.  If the vehicle sells higher than what was agreed, the consignment service keep anything over that price.
  • Since you’re in contract (for three to six months depending on the agreement), you can’t sell your RV elsewhere while it’s with the dealer.  So if someone offers you a better price in the meantime, you’ll have to turn it down.  If you withdraw your RV before the time period is over, you will be charged a fee.
  • Even though you are still the owner of the RV while it’s on the consignment lot, you lose the freedom to use the coach.  Forget about using it for a weekend and bringing it back!
  • The consignment dealer could be interested in selling new RVs and not yours.  So while you are still making payments on your motorhome or trailer, it could be collecting dust on the lot.
Don’t Consign… Sell!
La Mesa RV has been one of the most trusted names in RVing for over 40 years.  We make it easy for you to sell your RV.  We are not a consignment dealer – we will buy directly from you.   You can skip the waiting game for your RV to sell off the consignment lot and get paid right away.

Our way is much simpler than RV consignment.  Plus, it is extremely fast, with most of our deals closing in just a couple of days.  Click here to see what customers like you have been saying about us.  Fill out an online form or call us today at 866-687-2274 to see how easy and rewarding it can be to sell your RV!

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