10 Tips for RV Travel with Pets

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Why leave your beloved furry children with a sitter when you could take them with you on your next RV travel adventure?  There are so many joys to both RV owning and pet owning, and travelling with your pets can be very fun.  But make sure you're safely prepared to take your dogs or cats in your motorhome getaway.

Here are our top ten tips for RVing with pets:

1. Check the RV park or campground's pet policy ahead of time to make sure your destination is pet-friendly.

2. Check with your vet and ask about flea and tick treatments and any other preventative care.

3. Update any vaccinations to make sure they are current and don't forget to pack your pet's medications.

4. Consider pet safety features and look into pet travel carriers and seat belts to provide security for your dog or cat en route.

5. Always attach an ID tag to your pet's collar.  Keep your pet's regular tag on, but add a temporary tag that includes information about where you're staying for every new adventure.

6. Travel with information about local veterinary care in case of emergency.  Make sure to keep your pet's health records handy.

7. Make your pet comfortable by preparing all of his or her necessities: food, treats, toys and water.

8. Take frequent breaks!  Stop every few hours to give your pet a chance for exercise and relief.

9. Practice responsible ownership and never leave your pet unattended.  Don't leave your pet alone in the RV without proper ventilation.

10. Be considerate: clean up after your pet and do what you can to keep barking to a minimum.

Have fun taking your furry friends out on the road with you.  Be sure to share photos of your fun experiences on our Facebook page!

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