How to Maintain RV Value with Regular Upkeep

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Buying an RV involves a much larger commitment than with other vehicles, financially and otherwise. Even when an RV sits in the driveway, it requires some regular maintenance to stay in good working order. Some of the maintenance should be left to professionals, but there are a few things that RV owners can, and should, do for themselves.

Fresh Water Maintenance
There are several things you need to keep in mind when it comes to properly maintaining the fresh water supply in your RV. Keep these suggestions in mind:
  • Use a water filter and change it annually. You may want to change it more often if you notice a funny taste or experience restricted water flow.
  • Consider investing in a water purification system. A filter can clean the water for you but will not fully purify it.
  • Empty out the water heater and potable water tanks if you will not be using your RV for over a month.
  • Flush your water heater quarterly to get rid of any sediment buildup.
  • Keep a supply of fresh water bottles or gallon jugs on board. Replace any that you have used on a monthly basis.

Exterior Maintenance
  • The way your RV looks on the outside is more than just aesthetics. Problems in the exterior can point to big trouble inside. When it comes to your RV’s exterior:
  • Conduct a roof seal inspection every three months. Check around the roof and areas, including plumbing vents and TV antennae. A rubber roof should also be treated at least once a year with a UV protectant to keep the sun from causing any damage.
  • Check the seal around your windows every three months. Look for cracks or holes in the sealant that could let in water and damage the interior.
  • Cover the RV when it is not in use. This will make the exterior finish last longer while protecting the vehicle from extreme heat and cold. Be cautious when putting on the cover though. It should fit snugly so that the wind does not toss it around and cause even more damage to the exterior.

Interior Maintenance
The comfort level of your RV depends on the upkeep of its interiors. Treat it as you would a normal residence. You should also:
  • Ventilate properly. Condensation forming on the inside of your RV can cause a real problem for the smell and look of your interior. When possible, keep a window open (or at least cracked). When your RV is covered during warmer months, the temperature outside can reach 130 degrees.  Be sure to have vents open during this time and invest in vent covers to avoid rain from entering the RV.
  • Use special cleaning products. The toilets, sinks, and showers of your RV are made of plastic, so you do not want to use abrasive household cleaning products on them. Instead, buy RV-specific cleaning products or use ½ a cup of nonabrasive cleaner with 2 cups of warm water. Do not use a toilet brush. Instead, wear rubber gloves and use a soft cloth to clean these spaces
  • Mind the floors. In general, RV floors can be cleaned and maintained in the same way as floor surfaces in the home. Check with your RV manufacturer to make sure before using a particular type of cleaner or polish.
  • Aside from these do-it-yourself maintenance tasks, you should also make sure to hire a trusted mechanic for regular tune ups. By keeping up on maintenance and repairs along the way, you can ensure that your RV lasts many years and is safe to drive, wherever life may take you
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