Entertaining Kids on an RV Trip

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"Are we there yet?"

It's the question all parents dread on a road trip.  While an RV road trip is the perfect opportunity for the ultimate family adventure, your kids are bound to get restless and bored being cooped up for long distances.  To make the most of your family vacation, here is a brief guide to keep your kids entertained.

What to Bring

  • Toys and games: favorite toys, books, board games, craft and art supplies, balls and frisbees for outdoor fun.
  • Snack pack: healthy, fun snacks such as fruit, trail mix, granola bars and juice.  For night time, bring a fun s'mores kit with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate.
  • Devices: music that suits everyone's age and interests, an audio book or CD play for kids to listen to their favorite stories, movies and video games for kids to play on TV.
Travel Tips
  • Make frequent stops: look for places of interest along your route for a change of pace.  Stop at rest areas every few hours for kids to work off energy.
  • Play interactive games: play fun road trip games like "I Spy" and the license plate game.
  • Get everyone involved: get kids to help plan the itinerary schedule and teach kids to navigate using maps and the GPS.

Campsite Activities
  • Research campgrounds beforehand: find parks with
  •  kid-friendly activities such as pools, playgrounds, game rooms, mini-golf, etc.
  • Explore: hike through local nature trails to sight-see.  Create a scavenger hunt for things in the wilderness.  Try out fishing at a local river or lake.  Play catch outside.
  • Teach the kids how to set up a tent and safely build and put out a fire.
  • Create arts and crafts out of nature: leaves, flower petals and sticks.
  • Of course, enjoy some s'mores and storytelling over a cozy fire!
What to you do to create the best family-friendly RV trip?  We'd love to have you share some stories!  Plan your next vacation with La Mesa RV at www.lamesarv.com.

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