Taking it To-Go: The Best Food for the Road

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Recipes for RV travel

Cooking in your RV doesn’t have to mean mediocre meals or “stuff from a box” every time your tummy rumbles. In fact, you can prepare some pretty darn good, nearly gourmet meals while you’re on the road. Don’t allow limited cooking space and the lack of a full kitchen stop you from enjoying good eats every meal. Let’s look at some better alternatives to processed meals, and even some gourmet recipes for the road. Bon appetit!


RV Maintenance Checklist

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Summer is approaching quickly, and for many, that means dusting off your RV to get out on the road.  However, maybe you haven’t spent much time in your motorhome for a while, so it’s important that you take a look around to make sure you’re ready for smooth sailing.

Your friends here at La Mesa RV are here to help, so here is a checklist to get your started.  You’ll want to make sure all your appliances are up and running, like your refrigerator, stove and air conditioning.  Your motorhome is both a home and a vehicle, so you’ll also want to routinely check on your engine, tire pressure and all other parts that keep you up and running.  It’s also a great idea to do a walk around to make sure no red flags jump out at you.

If you have any questions, we are always here to help for all your Parts and Service needs all over the country.  We’ll get you back on the road in no time!


Fleetwood Special Purchase

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We are excited to announce a major special purchase we've made that will be some good news to you!  We've acquired over 50 used 2014 factory lease returns from Fleetwood RV.  These motorhomes have everything you need to get you on your summer adventure and at an incredible price of only $48,998 or $316 a month.