RV Tailgating

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Every year, true sportsmen and women heed the call of America’s tailgating faction of game-going patrons. This true American pastime is enjoyed by the entire genre of sports lovers and spans a broad array of games; whether they be football, basketball, hockey, baseball or racing in nature. With such enthusiastic groups of die-hard tailgaters, there is almost nothing better than getting pumped up to cheer on your favorite team by joining in this boisterous celebration before the big game.

With an RV on board, tailgating takes this experience to a whole new level. Providing a stocked fridge, a personal bathroom, and easy access to most cooking needs, sporting events and RVs have become the apex arrangement for any tailgating affair. Instead of waiting in line for the bathroom, bumping shoulders at the concession stand, and milling in among pre-game crowds within the stadium, the tailgater can sit back, make new friends, and celebrate by becoming a central hub in this pre-game tailgating mecca.

Before driving off for the day’s events, it’s important to get everything in order. Let’s look at a few tips for pulling off the perfect RV tailgating experience.

Food for RV Tailgating

Food and Water

Food has always been a staple aspect of tailgating. Plan your meal ahead of time and, if you’re looking to make new friends, account for a few extra plates to be shared around. Prepare what you can in advance so that when you reach the parking lot, you can relax and enjoy the day. One of the best parts of RV tailgating is access to a full kitchen, so don’t hold back when planning your menu! Consider all of the ingredients you will need, and talk to friends about sharing in a potluck menu to cut down on individual responsibilities while expanding your food choices.

Keep in mind that you may need to start your RV refrigerator before the big game so that it has time to reach the proper temperature. Bring extra drinking water if the day is hot, and remember to pace yourself if you’re imbibing before the main event.

Proper Planning

RVs take up much more space than most other vehicles. This means it is crucial to research your particular event and location ahead of time. It pays to know the parking lot and RV policies to confirm that RVs are permitted before you show up on game day. For example, some parking lots may require that you purchase a special RV parking permit. Learn whether you will be working with a simple parking lot, or whether you will have additional amenities such as water and electric hookups. Since you have so many commodities on-hand, you have the opportunity to show up well ahead of time and stake out your space with little trouble.

La Mesa RV maintenance

RV Maintenance

Whether your RV has been sitting idle or has recently been trucking over miles of American soil, it’s important to make preparations and perform any necessary RV maintenance before game day. Make sure your water tanks are full, your guests understand the rules of the RV septic system, and you know where your RV’s breaker panel is. Check your RV’s fluids, tires, air conditioning, generators, and batteries before setting off. Be sure your RV Toolkit is complete and not missing any crucial item! It’s worth the extra work to make sure unpreparedness doesn’t rain on your game day parade.


The camaraderie that can be found in tailgate parking lots is a beautiful sight to behold. Before you head off to the event, make sure you have plans finalized with friends who are attending. Work out combined menus, share checklists of necessary items, and count coolers. Tailgating with an RV makes sharing the celebration with friends much easier; as the shelter, bathrooms, kitchen, and sitting room are just a few of the many benefits of these large sports-ready powerhouses. Going alone? Be sure to reach out to your neighbors, offer up some snacks, and revel in your shared sportsmanship.

Stocking Accessories

It can be frustrating in the middle of a good time to realize that you’ve left something simple—yet crucial—back at home.

RV accessories for sport camaraderie
Keep a checklist of accessory items that you know you’ll need, and do a quick run-through to restock before pulling away from your carport. This includes checking for bottle openers, paper towels, plastic baggies, foil, sunscreen, ice, chairs, hats, and of course all of your crucial team flags, signs, face paint, and foam fingers.


As an essential aspect of any community event, tailgating etiquette is important to keep in mind throughout your experience. Social enjoyment requires each one of us to take responsibility for creating and maintaining a festive environment. Here a few of the highlights to remember throughout the day:

  • Clean up after yourself and mind your trash. Bring trash bags and use designated trash receptacles.
  • Be a responsible drinker and keep the conversations friendly. Remember this is a shared experience and everyone has a right to enjoy it.
  • Glass can quickly become a parking lot hazard. Avoid glass containers whenever possible, and keep beverages in plastic cups or aluminum cans.
  • Mind the regulations of the particular venue. This may include hours, cooking devices, alcohol regulations, or other restrictions.
  • Respect your neighbor’s experience by keeping your music at a reasonable level.

Tailgating has become such a strong staple of the American sports culture that many of these events span entire days, reaching well into the evening. An RV is the perfect vehicle for this enthusiastic display of fandom, offering easy access to bathroom facilities, a stocked kitchen, and areas to rest, watch television, or play games. Prepare for this event by taking inventory of all those small items that are often forgotten, meet up with friends to share the wealth of food and fanfare, and reach out to fellow sports fans. With a small bit of preparation, you can build the perfect tailgate plan that can carry you through entire seasons without a hitch.

With a well-maintained RV, proper etiquette, and good preparation, RV tailgating brings this great American experience to new heights!

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