RV Tire Care Tip: Tire Load & Fill Pressure

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Proper tire inflation is incredibly important to the life of your RV tire, as well as your LIFE! An improperly inflated tire can be extremely dangerous to you and everyone (and everything else) on the open road. Be sure to check the fill and load pressure of all the tires on your motorhome, travel trailer, toy hauler or fifth wheel. This also includes the towing vehicle, trailer or dinghy. Anything with a tire needs a quick load and pressure check.

RV Tire Load & Fill Pressure

Every tire is going to have the load range and the fill pressure listed on the tire. The load range rating branded on a tire's sidewall identifies how much load the tire is designed to carry at its industry specified pressure. To find the appropriate tire pressure, you are going to look at the certification label on the inside of the coach. The pressure listed on the outside of the tire is the maximum fill pressure. Every manufacturer designed by weight is going to give you a recommended fill pressure.

As noted in Recreational Vehicle Tire and Care Guide from Goodyear Tire,

"The recommended maximum inflation pressures for your tires are indicated on the certification label or in your owner’s manual. Because RVs can be loaded with many different configurations, the load on each tire will vary. For this reason, actual air pressure required should be determined based on the actual load on each individual tire. Inflation pressure should be adjusted to handle the tire carrying the heaviest load, and all tires on the axle should be adjusted to this pressure. Each manufacturer provides load and inflation tables specific to its products to help you determine the correct tire inflation pressure for your vehicle’s loading.

Finding the Recommended Fill Pressure Plate

Class A: On a Class A motorhome the tire label certificates are going to be found on the driver's side, side wall normally below the window.

Class B and C: On a Class B and C, the tire label certificate is going to be on the driver's side door jam.

Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels: All trailers and fifth wheels you are going to find the tag on the front left side closest to the hitch portion of the trailer.

Double Check Tire Pressure

When checking the tire pressure you want to verify at least twice that the pressure is what it's supposed to be.

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