Top 3 Easiest RV Recipes

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Meals for RV Road-Trips

RV traveling is a special type of vacationing. Out on the open road, it’s just you and the essentials you’ve brought along with you. Included in some of these essentials are the meals you’ll share with your travel companions, or perhaps even new friends. The perfect RV recipe is one that’s simple, requires few pots, pans, or utensils, is versatile, and is a general crowd pleaser. Non-perishable foods and recipes with easily interchangeable ingredients tend to be a good choice. But make sure you are whipping together something you actually WANT to eat. Let’s take a look at some great recipes to help maximize your on-the-go meals and minimize the effort it takes to make a great crowd-pleasing dish.

Chili (and Its Many Uses)

Chili is always a hit, and it makes for great leftovers. One pot of chili can satisfy a large family army, and leftovers can be used for chili dogs, sloppy joes, chili cheese fries, or a good morning scramble. Better yet, it’s a versatile dish that can be adjusted to accommodate many personal preferences. Do you have a vegetarian or vegan on board? Simply substitute the meat for textured vegetable protein, mushrooms, or soy crumbles such as WildWood Meatless Crumbles or LightLife Smart Ground Original Crumbles.

Chili is also a great option because of its simple ingredients and easy cooking. Here’s a great chili recipe that requires little effort and brings big flavors to the table. Bring a crockpot along to prepare your chili in the morning and have a ready-to-go meal by the time dinner comes around.

Quesadillas, Tacos, and Breakfast Burritos

Quesadillas are a fun, family-friendly recipe fit for both adults and children alike. All you need is shredded cheese, a few grilled or sautéed veggies, and tortillas. Quesadillas can be cooked in a pan, on a grill, or directly over a campfire. And better yet, all the ingredients can be used for other recipes as well. Keep the veggies and tortillas and grill up some fish, chicken, or ground beef for tacos, or make scrambled egg breakfast burritos the next morning.


Pasta is one of the simplest meals to prepare on the road. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a pot of boiling water. Mac and cheese is another staple recipe, and a homemade recipe isn’t much more difficult than the boxed version. Add some fun for the kids by topping it with grilled hot dog critters. If you have a freezer and an oven in your RV, consider making lasagna ahead of time and freezing it. This is a quick and simple complete meal that reheats easily for the next day’s lunch. Spaghetti with sauce or pesto made from scratch or pre-made is a simple and filling means to get your daily nutrition. Bring along a baguette and make garlic bread right on the grill by cutting the bread in half, covering cut sides with chopped garlic (or garlic powder) and butter, wrapping it in foil, and placing it on the grill.

RV traveling doesn’t have to limit you to pre-packaged foods and dinner spread doldrums. Many new and inspiring options can be built out of a few basic staples, and recipes can be spread out over multiple meals to provide you with nutritional variety and menu complexity. Stick to recipes with versatile ingredients and easy preparation that will keep you interested without exhausting the abilities of your small RV kitchen. Whether you are cooking for those with special dietary needs, a pack of hungry children, or just yourself and a travel companion, these recipes are a quick and easy form of fuel to keep your engine running along the way.



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