2016 New RV Features to Swoon Over

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Like computers and smartphones, RVs get more astounding every year.

2016 is no different. RV manufacturers listen to buyers and sales people, both directly and through social media. They also do their research and have learned that they have great opportunity in the coming years . . . if they get models and features to match buyer habits.

New RV Features to Appeal to Baby Boomers

Each and every day until 2029, 11,000 baby boomers will retire. What will they do with their free time? While some will golf and others volunteer, a large portion will hit the road, exploring all of the incredible sights and cities they could only connect with through television in all the years before their retirement party.

To appeal to this huge crowd, RV manufacturers are focusing on comfort and ease. Wild as the baby boomers were in the 1960s, by 65 they’ve earned the comforts of home. That’s why, when you go onto the dealer lot, you’ll find stainless steel sinks, cabinets built by Amish woodworkers and memory foam mattresses. Beds drop down from ceilings with the push of a button and full outdoor kitchens unfold from RV exteriors. Baby Boomers: don’t be shy to ask for the top in comfort and design when you select your 2016 RV.

Features Designed for the Millennials

Vendors courted Baby Boomers for so long because they were the largest generation in U.S. history. In 2015, for the first time, Boomers’ numbers were surpassed by their children, the “Millenials.” According to Pew Research, in 2015 Millennials (ages 18 to 34) will hit 75.3 million, surpassing 74.9 baby boomers (ages 51- 69). By 2036, enough teens will have moved into the Millennial generation to bring its numbers up to 81 million. You can see why vendors of all kinds are creating products to appeal to this generation.

RV manufacturers are ready and willing to create motorhomes that jibe with Millennial tastes and values. Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Vice President Mac Bryan explains, “Millennials share core RV values. They place a higher value on family outdoor recreation than any prior generation. They’re tech savvy and expect digital and high-tech features in the products they purchase...innovative products will ensure future sales growth among the Millennials.”

To satisfy the environmentally conscious but digitally addicted, manufacturers will load RVs with cutting edge control panels, ubiquitous Wi-Fi enablement, smartphone connectivity and more. Because RVs will need to grow with growing families as well, look for beds with flexibility to convert from twin bunks to king or queen sized and back again. If you’re a Millennial, don’t hesitate to ask your salesperson to show RVs with flexibility and technology that will keep you working efficiently AND playing on the road.

Examples of Future RV Trends in Action
2016 Winnebago Models Set to Stun

2016 Winnebago Adventurer

Winnebago has long had the reputation of providing terrific motorhomes at affordable prices so that Americans of all income levels can hit the road in style. This spring, they unveiled the 2016 models they’ll be shipping this fall to dealers across the United States.

First, Adventurer and Suncruiser, Winnebago’s top of the line Class A gas motorhomes, have undergone complete redesigns. The new passenger-side work station includes a “pull-over” tray that acts as a desk. It contains USB and 12-volt ports. The Adventurer and Suncruiser also received a makeover with new LED accent lights and new front and rear molded fiberglass styling. Inside, optional tile flooring can extend into the cab area.

Journey and Meridian 38P models have a new four-slide floor plan. The 38P’s new interior design also opens up space with a large picture window on the patio side and roomy bedroom/bathroom area containing Winnebago’s largest shower.

In 2016, for the first time Winnebago joins the toy hauler movement with Scorpion, a premium wide-body design with a 14 foot garage area. This garage converts into a room containing a private half-bath, facing sofas and an optional queen bed.

2016 Fleetwood Bounder Boasts Brand New Design

2016 Fleetwood Bounder

To meet requests for more sleeping room, Fleetwood upgraded its popular Bounder with an exclusive Hide-A-Loft™ P2K™ front overhead power loft bed system. The optional full-sized bed has a 500 pound weight capacity. The bed comes down at night over the driver and passenger seats. The 2016 model also focuses on an all-new transitional design. The ergonomic dash features integrated camera and audio/visual monitors. The co-pilot workstation ensures passengers can help with navigation and even get their own work done on the road. Engineers also incorporated a 100-gallon fresh water tank into the new floorplan.

2016 Augusta RV LUXE Toy Haulers Baby the Babyboomers!

2016 Luxe Fifth Wheel RV by Augusta

Luxe engineers and designers picked up on the Baby Boomer desire for comfort when they embarked on building their 2016 RV Luxe. Bringing amenities found only in high end homes, Augusta aims to lead “a Fifth Wheel revolution.”

Each Luxe kitchen backsplash is hand laid and grouted. Master light switches next to the bed and front door let owners control all lights from one convenient spot, and dimmer switches modulate all lights. Soft Touch walls and ceilings provide for noise reduction. Full sized residential refrigerators and ovens with range hoods and modern, brushed nickel faucets in the bathrooms all make every mile logged indulgent. Luxe designers say, “We designed the most modern, up to date unit on the market right now.”

La Mesa RV Has All the Resources to Help You Weigh Your Options

Hopefully, this post gave you some perspective of how RVs will be detailed in 2016 and beyond. If you’re weighing a few brands, feel free to call us at 800-496-8778 or email us here. Our salespeople are ready to show and explain the advantages of each feature. Let their insights get you into the perfect rolling palace!

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