RV Life: Connecting With Friends Back Home

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Whether you are living full-time in your recreational vehicle, or are a "weekend warrior" in with your travel trailer or fifth wheel toy hauler, one of the best parts of travelling is the ability to share every detail with others back home. It is important to set particular goals and routines for documenting your travels for anyone that is curious. Taking time to blog, journal, or capture photos provides a consistent insight into the new worlds you are experiencing in your RV. Your friends and loved ones want to know all about it and it's a great way to show off the benefits of the RV lifestyle. Remember what they say, "sharing is caring."

Journaling: Yes It Still Exists!

I know hand writing seems quite foreign these days, but to properly document any trip you will want to keep a journal on hand at all times. Before your trip, get your very own journal or notepad and assign dates to provide written updates. Maybe it is daily; maybe it is every other day. A little discipline goes a long way for remembering memories.

Journaling is an effective form of documenting any trip because it is always there when Internet or Wi-Fi is not. In order to provide written updates for your friends or family back home, journaling allows you to capture moments of your trip and secure them until you find an area with Internet or Wi-Fi. You can plan around days in which you will be stopping in towns or cities with Internet connection. Journaling is also perfect for recalling particular details about your trip over a phone call.

Blogging: Cyber Journals

If you are lucky enough to have sufficient Internet and WiFi connection on your trip, blogging is the most popular and efficient form of documenting your travels. Travel blogs are all over the Internet, providing interesting insights and points of view of different places. It is essentially a journal online, with easy and instant access for any friends and family back home.

You should develop a blog beforehand in order to easily just type and update while you travel. Blogs are as structured as you want them to be and you can develop it at any pace you prefer. Blogger is a recommended free platform for a casual connection to family and friends. This service allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. You will setup you blog spot at a Google subdomain, such as blogspot.com. It is very user-friendly and provides a stress-free setup and maintenance that allows you to focus on your travels.

Photo and Video

Sometimes people just want to see your travels with their own eyes, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The development of instant photo and video sharing through social media platforms gives you the ability to tell visual stories. Perhaps you are looking down above the Grand Canyon and can’t even begin to describe the beauty in words. Pictures are necessary to fully capture these memories for you and others. Maybe you are on a tour of all the baseball stadiums in the country, and a picture is the only way to document the grandiose of every field. It is smart to set goals for capturing pictures in ways of telling visual stories. You can focus on the particular people of different areas. You can focus on landscapes or unique animals you don’t see every day. Give yourself a theme and generate interest in your followers.

Instagram allows you to upload photos and videos and instantly share with your followers at any time you have service. If you are not in an area with Internet or Wi-Fi, you can always take photos with your phone and upload images to your social media, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, later.

Keep in mind that outside of smart phones and social media, you can easily capture your trip through disposable cameras and create a scrapbook of the photos when you get home. This is just another “old school” form of visual storytelling that many people prefer.

Travelling always provides events and information worth sharing just because you’re in new and exciting places. Your friends and loved ones would love to hear about your experiences, along with just knowing you’re okay. Preparing with a journal and setting aside time for entries is a great way to easily record your travels. If Internet and smart phones are available, social media updates require little effort for a lot of documenting. Be mindful of a theme and moments that you want to relay to those back home. All you need is a little motivation to hang on to a lot of memories.

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