RVing: Is Tiffin the Brand for You?

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Experience Exceptional Recreational Travel with Tiffin Motorhomes

For Tiffin, travel is a family business. Today, founder Bob Tiffin and his sons still run Tiffin Motorhomes with an unwavering focus on customer experience and quality. Perhaps one of the most significant features RV owners love about Tiffin is the open-door policy at the plant, and the way the company solicits feedback from their customers.

Appealing to new and old RV owners alike, the Tiffin brand resonates with the concepts of innovation, customer care, and quality. It's no wonder that the motorhomes that Tiffin produces are honored with things such as the DSI Quality Circle Award. Of course, if you want to make the best decision on which brand to choose, and which model of Tiffin is right for you, then you need to learn more about the products. This overview will offer an insight into the features you can expect within Tiffin recreational vehicles, so that you can focus on tracking down the La Mesa location closest to you.

The History of Tiffin Motorhomes

Tiffin Motorhomes was first founded by Bob Tiffin in 1972, when the very first Allegro RV emerged. Although the sophisticated engineering and luxury features built into today's Tiffin models were impossible to achieve back then, the same basic truths continue to guide the brand today. The company focuses on delivering excellent service, durable builds, and the latest in innovation and design.

Since the Tiffin brand began, the company has created and sold over 42,000 motorhomes, and they're always searching for new ways to build more value into your RV. Known for their impeccable customer service, the Tiffin brand focuses on building lifetime relationships with their customers by offering unbeatable quality and reliability. However, it's safe to say that Tiffin have also been leaders in innovation, introducing numerous groundbreaking products by listening to their customers. For example, each Tiffin RV includes:

  • 1/4" glass instead of 1/8" for quieter, safer, more durable, energy efficient windows
  • 55-60 drawers and cabinets for storage
  • Full basements for storage
  • Triple slide unit
  • Reinforced chassis for integrity and strength
  • 5 year warranty on lamination and 10 year warranty on construction

Tiffin Class A Gas Recreational Vehicles

Of the Class A RVs that Tiffin Motorhomes offers, the biggest decision customers will need to make is whether to choose a gas, or diesel option. The RV community has long engaged in a battle over which option is superior, however the only way to make an informed choice is to consider your own personal goals, budget, and preferences.

Most Class A Gas vehicles offer RV owners the option to pay less for their vehicle upfront, as well as offering lower costs in maintenance, fuel and repair. The gas option by Tiffin, otherwise known as the Allegro is the motorhome that started everything for the company. Now in its 44th production year, the Allegro is both affordable and packed with innovations, offering everything you need out of a motorhome at exceptional value. Standard features include:

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Easy-care tile flooring
  • Fiberglass shower unit
  • ExtraordinaireTM AC system
  • Onboard power
  • Leak-proof roof
  • Seamless windshield

This motorhome is the preferred option for individuals in need of supreme durability and long-lasting low maintenance.

Tiffin Class A Diesel Recreational Vehicles

Though gas Class A RVs have their benefits, often the diesel RV is considered the more luxurious choice, often offering improved longevity that permits a long-lived resale value that outranks gas models. The Tiffin brand offers a line of diesel Class A RVs including: the Allegro Red, Breeze, Phaeton, and Allegro Bus.

Named "the sports car of Class A motorhomes", the Tiffin Allegro Breeze is perhaps the most comfortable, easiest-to-handle, smallest, and lightest Class A rear-engine diesel RV on the market. The maneuverability of this particular Tiffin creation is described as "nothing short of amazing" and, like the other diesel Class A options in the Tiffin line, it offers features such as:

  • SmartslidesTM
  • ExtraordinaireTM AC system
  • Leak-proof roofing
  • Precision track technology
  • Hand-crafted wooden cabins
  • Energy-efficient lighting

Which Tiffin Model Is Right For You?

Tiffin RVs still offer the best warranties and service plans in the industry, with a company policy that focuses on keeping their customers happy. Designed to help happy travelers experience more out of life, the Tiffin line goes above and beyond to deliver the best possible RV for your budget. If you still can't decide which the right choice is for you, why not check out the list of Tiffin products offered by La Mesa RV? Use our brand search solution to find the unit you want to and browse the details available on each sales page. To learn more, contact us at 800-496-8778 or email us here, and start your search for the perfect Tiffin RV for you.

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