4 Ways Athletic Campers Make RVing More Active

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There can be a lot of down time when road tripping in your RV and it's common to find yourself spending a considerable about of time sitting and remaining fairly inactive, but that does not mean you need worry about staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. Many people purchase RVs solely for athletic and fitness reasons. More and more professional and amateur athletes use RVs to get to their meets and games, and RV manufacturers are developing units and accessories to fit the active lifestyle. RV parks, too, are making fitness-enthusiast First Lady Michelle Obama proud by offering gyms, swimming pools, fitness classes and bike and walking trails. The trend toward living a healthier lifestyle has gotten more Americans thinking about how fitness and RV travel can work well together. Use these tips to optimize your physical fitness while traveling by motorhome.

1. Get Informed by Following RV & Fitness Blogs

Why reinvent the wheel when avid fitness-minded RVers have tried various strategies, parks, marathons, and routines?
A blog (or 10) exists for everything and staying fit and healthy while RVing is one of them. We like The Fit RV because it covers nearly every topic the active RVer could consider: workouts, recipes, fit tips, RV reviews, RV park reviews and more. Bloggers James and Stef explain that while they never really considered the RV lifestyle, they “got tired of standing in long porta-potty lines before bicycling events, and decided we needed our own bathroom."

2. Determine Your Destination by Your Fitness Style

Choosing the campground or boondocking site you’ll venture off to depend on the style of fitness you prefer. Some RVers go to sites that have health and wellness centers that com complete with Olympic sized swimming pools, fitness studios for classes and workout rooms full of equipment. Many RVers enjoy traveling to RV resorts that offer competitive sports, such as golf, lawn bowling and pickelball. Others wouldn’t consider that kind of institutionalized exercise, aiming instead to get as far away from the masses as possible to hike and bike in wooded splendor. The key will be finding the right campground guide to determine whether the trails are more suitable for hiking or biking. Go Camping America lets you search the private parks by the style of recreation you prefer from boating, canoeing and kayaking to biking and running. Reserve America lets you search the federal, state, county and private parks.
Like James and Stef of FitRV, avid hikers, bikers and other athletes may follow well-known races and events in their RVs. The website Active has a searchable database of all running, cycling, swimming, baseball and more sport events in any area you choose. You can also filter by date. They even list the closest mud runs, obstacle races, adventure races, black light races and pet friendly races near you.

3. Take Exercise Equipment that Doesn’t Require Up Much Room

Even those planning to hike and/or bike can optimize their physical rejuvenation by working out while on the road. An elliptical machine strapped to the top of the RV or a heavy set of free weights doesn’t cut it, however. James and Stef of FitRV recommend light-weight, variable resistance bands. Basically bungee cords with handles, resistance bands can be used by yourself or with a partner. Experts agree that they are more versatile and even more effective than free weights. Also consider adding to your outdoor activities. Ankle and wrist weights give runners and kayakers more resistance as they enjoy their sport. Walking sticks turn a regular hike in to a full-body workout.

4. RVs and Accessories Popular with Athletes and Active Travelers

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association's March 2015 “Business Indicators” report cited a Harris Poll which found that 35-44 year-olds were the fastest-growing group of RV owners. In the 1980s, the average American RV owner was 50. Today he or she is 48. That number is falling even more as even younger families insist on reaping the benefits that camping brings. Active adventurers find they have a very close to nature, rigorous experience in the Class B camping van models. Understanding that RV buyers are getting younger, healthier and more active, several manufacturers have created models that appeal to athletes and fitness buffs.
Winnebago stayed on top of the trends as usual. Its 2015 Travato 59G comes with a roof rack that holds two kayaks. The double, over-ladder bike rack on the back is bolted to only one rear door so that you can open the back doors and access the cabin while the bikes stay mounted. The Murphy bed inside moves out of the way to create room for bikes or kayaks for those reluctant to mount these outside.
Roadtrek’s eTrek is one of the most eco-friendly Class B motorhome on the market. Geared toward the outdoor enthusiast, it has plenty of storage for hobby equipment. Most impressive, it’s equipped with a 255-watt solar panel, meaning in the eTrek, you can stay off the grid longer than any other class B. A quick look at RoadTrek’s two-minute video makes it clear the manufacturer aims this model at the avid and active nature-lover. It’s interesting to note that the Class B RVs appeal to those embarking on physically challenging trips.

La Mesa RV Gets Hikers, Bikers, Swimmers to New Hills, Roads and Shores

Matt Rose, director of Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council explains, "You used to think of RVs and think of the cigar-smoking grandpa and the retired couple, but not anymore." RV companies are excited by the prospect of helping the athlete and avid sportsperson get closer to the race, lake or court by choosing a recreational vehicle rather than book hotel reservations.
Consider the benefits of an RV lifestyle with your fitness routines. Stop by one of our store locations and check out your options to get a better feel of where your road or mountain bike, tennis racket or pickleball paddle, yoga mat, or healthy selection of walking or running shoes would go. Feel free to call us toll free at 800.496.8778, or email us for all your RV related questions. We want to help you take your fitness on the open road!

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