RVing: Is Fleetwood the Brand for You?

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The dream of owning a motorhome remains healthy within the United States, and the Fleetwood brand has helped to make that dream a reality for thousands. Known for building high-quality, durable motorhomes that enables families across America to enjoy comfortable motorhomes at affordable prices, Fleetwood RVs enhance the active lifestyle of today.

The Fleetwood brand is one that appeals to would-be RV owners on a regular basis, as one of the most affordable, reliable, and popular manufacturers in the States. However, deciding whether to purchase your own Fleetwood RV, and which one you should choose, can be a difficult task. This overview should give you an insight into the amazing features to discover within Fleetwood trailers and RV models, and once you're educated, you can take a look in person at the La Mesa RV location nearest to you.

The History of Fleetwood Enterprises

Recognized as the largest manufacturer in the nation of recreational vehicles, Fleetwood Enterprises has spent a number of decades on the market, introducing vehicles that span the full range of affordability. The Fleetwood story began over 60 years ago, in 1950, when a man named John C. Crean developed the "Coach Specialties Company", which constructed window blinds for travel trailers. The company evolved when a dealer came across a custom travel trailer that Crean was making. He liked the concept so much that he contracted Crean to make trailers for his dealership, and the company re-emerged in 1957 as Fleetwood Enterprises. Over a number of years, Fleetwood has earned their reputation as an innovator in the RV and trailer market. Crean developed the first motorhome with basement storage - now a standard feature within the industry. Today, Fleetwood is one of the leading manufacturers in Class A and Class C recreational vehicles - developing some of the most recognized names in the industry. The company is also known for developing functional and unique floorplans capable of meeting the needs of its many customers.

Fleetwood Class A Recreational Vehicles

Within the RV community, a significant debate rages over the various advantages of Class A diesel models, and Class A gas models. The Fleetwood brand employs the latest techniques and materials for construction in the industry, in order to provide exceptional safety and durability. The F-21 advantage - a term used to apply to industry-leading engineering, is used throughout all classes in the Fleetwood line.

The choice of which is right for you will depend on your budget, goals, and personal preferences. However, it can be useful to get a better understanding of what each model is capable of, before making a final decision. Gas RV owners can expect to pay slightly less for their vehicle upfront, as well as dealing with lower maintenance, repair, and fuel costs. The Fleetwood line offers Class A Gas vehicles such as the: Storm, Southwind, Flair, Bounder, and Bounder Classic.

The Class A gas RVs, such as the Flair offer features such as:

  • 12-volt water pump
  • 6 gallon propane water heater
  • 15,000 BTU/h ducted air conditioning
  • 12-volt converter
  • Entertainment systems - including LED televisions
  • PEX plumbing system
  • Carbon monoxide detectors for safety

On the other hand, the diesel RV is considered to be the most luxurious option, boasting significant longevity that allows the vehicle to retain resale value somewhat better than gas models. The Fleetwood Diesel line includes names such as the Discovery, Expedition, and Providence. In spite of a desire for opulence, it's fair to say that the sizes of motorhomes has been trending down lately in the quest for improved access to camping locations, mobility in congested driving environments, and better fuel economy. With that in mind, Fleetwood RVs such as the Excursion offers a more aerodynamic experience. The diesel RVs offered by Fleetwood provide various upscale exterior and interior amenities as standard equipment, with additions such as a drop-down 40-inch LCD TV, a 6.0-kW generator, and electric patio awning.

Fleetwood Class C Recreational Vehicles

Class C RVs are even smaller than their Class A counterparts - built on a truck chassis rather than a van chassis. In spite of this, however, Class Cs don't often fit in driveways, parking spaces, or garages. The Class C options that Fleetwood offer include the Jamboree and Jamboree Sport - two names associated with high-standard family camping.

Boasting innovative floor plans, including heated basements for comfortable camping in any season, and optional media centers, the Class C RVs by Fleetwood continue to be some of the best-selling motorhomes on the market.

Making Your Choice

Fleetwood RVs have lead the way in the RV industry for more than 60 years, with innovations, products, and excellent customer service. If you're still struggling to make a decision as to which option is right for you, why not speak to the experts at La Mesa RV? Feel free to email us here, or call us at 800-496-8778. You'll find that we have a great selection of Fleetwood RVs to offer.

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