RVing: Is Heartland the Brand for You?

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Find Your Home Away From Home With Heartland

When it comes to defining RV excellence, Heartland is a brand name that often springs to mind. Providing customers with over a decade of affordability, reliability, and versatility, Heartland is both popular, and dependable. Only four years after entering the marketplace, the brand became the third biggest seller of fifth wheel trailers, and as time passed, the company has continued to improve their offerings, stating that: “we feel like our quality is better than it has ever been.”

The evidence suggests that customers appreciate Heartland, as sales continue to be as strong as ever. However, how do you decide whether Heartland is the right RV brand for you? This overview should provide an insight into the features that go into each Heartland creation, so that you can decide which Heartland RV you should buy.

The History of Heartland

At La Mesa RV, we appreciate the sense of adventure and comfort that Heartland gives its customers. Founded in 2003 and defined as a producer of high-end fifth wheel trailers, Heartland has a reputation for RV creations that inspire, value that persists, and construction that endures the test of time.

Their dedication to pristine quality is one of the reasons why Heartland's customers have made them the third-largest retailer of fifth wheel RVs in the world. Heartland RVs fifth wheel trailers offer amazing maneuverability as a result of the patented 88 degree turning radius, and the brand also provides travel trailers and other options for modern travelers. Because the company consistently listens to its customers, it regularly appears in magazines like RV Lifestyles, Trailer Life, and Gypsy Journal.

Within months of their debut, towable manufacturers began copying Heartland innovations - a sure sign that the company was doing something right. However, despite the imitations, nothing will ever be quite as great as the original, and Heartland is still leading the way for fifth wheel creativity.

Types of Heartland RV: Fifth Wheels

And yes, simply knowing more about the company isn't enough - a true RV connoisseur must explore the various features of each model. With that in mind, here at La Mesa RV, we're offering you an opportunity to examine the aspects of each RV type Heartland offers, starting with the traditional fifth wheels. Heartland fifth wheel creations include models such as the Gateway, ElkRidge, Bighorn, Oakmont, Landmark, Big Country, Sundance and Sundance XLT.

A company dedicated to delivering the strength and versatility you've been searching for in a fifth wheel, Heartland injects innovation into each of their RVs, for feature-loaded trailers supported by quality craftsmanship, higher resale value, and amazing durability. The Oakmont ™ RV, for example, provides comfortable accommodations designed for exceptional relaxation. Packed with features such as Electric Rear stabilizer jacks, power awnings with LED light strips, premium upgraded graphics and an ABS Hitch cover, you're sure to find what you need.

Of course, if you're looking for something a little more impressive, there's always the luxury fifth wheel options. After the success of the original Landmark™, the popular Bighorn™ was developed. Available in many floorplans in various lengths, the Bighorn by Heartland features Heartland's stunning front cap design, with a 30% increased turning radius ideal for short-bed trucks. Inside, you'll discover plenty of large storage areas, four options for interior décor, hand crafted cabinetry, and plenty of space to relax.

Mid-Profile, Lightweight, Travel, and Toy Haulers

For individuals in need of a lighter trailer, the mid-profile fifth wheel offers more of what you're looking for in a smaller-profile package. With options such as the Sundance XLT™, consumers can access five-star accommodations, easier towing, and lighter construction. Designed for families on the go, the Sundance combines sport looks with unparalleled gas efficiency, and comfortable interior aspects for a truly balanced experience.

Alternatively, you could always try the lightweight travel trailers by Heartland, such as the North Trail™, an RV perfect for seasonal trips and packed with beautiful accommodations for endless storage, dining, and sleeping possibilities that won't break the bank.

Today, we see travel RVs everywhere, but it's the careful attention to detail that sets Heartland apart from the rest. Featuring value, innovative design, and high-quality craftsmanship, travel trailers like the Trail Runner™, offer true comfort during family vacations for a reliable home away from home. Heartland offers travel trailer names such as the Trail Runner, Prowler, and North Trail.

Finally, built for those who love their toys, the Heartland Toy Haulers such as the Edge, Road Warrior, Torque, and Cyclone, fit the flexible lifestyles of families, by offering versatile cargo capabilities for kids, toys, pets, and friends.

Weigh Your Options

Heartland have developed an RV for just about every budget and style - so that you never have to leave the comforts of home behind. As the fastest growing manufacturer in America, they offer a complete line of impressive towable products, from luxury fifth wheels and toy haulers, to incredibly lightweight trailers. And just as Heartland has something for everyone, La Mesa RV strives to provide the best that Heartland has to offer.

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