RVing: Is Roadtrek the Brand for You?

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To be or not to be... is a Class B Roadtrek touring van the right fit for you? Read on to find out!

It’s the journey, not the destination. It’s about new experiences over new stuff. Sounds like the RV way. That’s the way Jack Hanemaayer came to create the first Roadtrek motorhome. Set on combining the comfort of a motor home with convenient, nimble driving, in 1974 Hanemaayer took a blowtorch to a van to make it livable. It took him six years to get a model he would release to the public, but by 1980 and after many trips to the “drawing board,” he’d incorporated a sweeping roofline, three-section floor plan and a lowered floor. At last the Roadtrek was born.

Roadtrek: The Number One Best-Selling Class B Motorhome in the Industry for 25 Years!

Rather than moving into model after model, Roadtrek has specialized in the "small motorhome in a van" Class B, with different styles built on Mercedes Sprinter, Chevrolet and Ram ProMaster chassis. Research firm Stat Survey Inc’s 2014 Class B retail motorhome market numbers showed Roadtrek at 35.6% market share overall in North America, outpacing all other brands by a long-shot for the twenty-fifth year in a row.
This focus has allowed Roadtrek to meet the needs of the Class B buyer: convenience, energy costs and comfort. The company has fine-tuned:
  • Engineering: size, maneuverability and stability that makes navigating both towns and narrow mountain roads stress-free.
  • Eco-friendly, high-tech features: these keep the cost of road trips under control (also check out the eco-friendly E-Trek solar-enabled model) while providing all the connectivity that makes work and personal lives manageable.
  • Comfort: plenty of storage to bring fishing, hiking and photography gear, as well as motorized beds and full kitchens.

By listening carefully to buyers and dealers, every year Roadtrek creates touring vans with better features all while staying true to its ultimate values of quality, trust and innovation.
Here at La Mesa RV, we’re proud to carry a line of convenient motorhome RVs that have won numerous awards over the years from industry and camping magazines and associations. Roadtrek has taken:
  • RV Enthusiast’s Gold Award for Class B several years.
  • Motorhome Magazine’s Reader’s Favorite Award for Class B 2013.
  • RV Dealers’ Association’s Quality Circle Award for Class B 2014.
More, we find Roadtrek agents are happy to work with our dealers to fit a custom Class B with every feature the La Mesa RV customer desires. They also scale down a model per specifications without hassle. Finally, they work closely with us to rectify any issue a buyer has with their new unit.
Both La Mesa RV and Roadtrek realize that a motorhome purchase is one of the largest in an American’s life. While it has the potential to bring the greatest adventure of a lifetime, it’s also a large financial and lifestyle commitment. We take our end of the bargain very seriously.

Which Roadtrek Revs Your Engine?

Roadtrek designers and engineers learned long ago that all kinds of travelers and campers appreciate a wide variety of options for their home on the road. The Zion model is built on the Ram ProMaster chassis and is a great entry level model that fits most lifestyles and budgets.
The 190 Popular, built on a top selling Chevrolet chassis, is one of the original Roadtreks and is compact in size, yet roomy, comfortable, and ideal for two people. Roadtrek's 210 Popular is their "widebody" model. Built on a Chevy Express extended van chassis, the 210 has a 155" long wheelbase, which allows for much more space than other models.
Their Adventurous models come in mid-range CS Adventurous and RS Adventurous and the top-of-the-line TS Adventurous all which sleep 4, but can accommodate 7 passengers.

ETrek Class B

Designed for those who love boondocking and free of “shore power” or hookups, the E-Trek model features a 255 watt solar panel that can run the interior electrical system free of propane or a noisy generator. Etrek can take you off the grid longer than almost any other RV. The solar panel even runs the interior air conditioner while you’re going down the road. You can run the DVD, TV and all interior lights just off of solar power.

Find Your Roadtrek RV

Seeing is believing. Stop by one of our many RV store locations that offer Roadtrek Class B's (not all store locations offer Roadtrek) so that you get a better idea what the Roadtrek brand is all about. Our website allows you to search the nearest La Mesa RV store with Roadtrek inventory. We think you’ll be amazed at the high tech and comfort features Roadtrek puts into their rigs these days!
Considering scaling up or down in your RV? We’re happy to provide a fair price for your trade in. Feel free to call us at 800-496-8778 or email us here. We want to help you experience the RV lifestyle!

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