Best Apps for Life in an RV

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When you are driving in your motorhome or towing your RV, you want to make sure you can use all of the advantages you can to make your road trip the best trip possible. Luckily, there has been an influx of apps (both Android and iOS) that cover a wide range of needs for the average RVer.

Maps and Navigation

  • WAZE (free; iOS and Android): This app not only provides navigation, but it can give user-submitted alerts as to real-time conditions, such as accidents, traffic, or weather concerns.
  • Google Maps and Apple Maps (free; iOS and Android): Both of these apps provide navigation and maps as well as the ability to find local businesses.
  • Mapfactor (free; Android): In addition to providing GPS navigation, this app installs free maps on your device so you can navigate, even without an Internet connection.
  • Google Earth (free; iOS and Android): Not only does this app provide street directions, it also provides satellite views of parks and other lands.
  • Maps.Me (free; iOS and Android): Another source for offline maps, Maps.Me also provides walking and subway information.
  • RoadTrippers (free; iOS and Android): If you’re looking for the more offbeat or unusual attractions, this can show you where to go.
  • CoPilot GPS (iOS and Android): This GPS navigation app comes in both free and paid ($7.99) versions, with the paid version offering more maps available for download.
  • Satellite AR (free; iOS and Android): With this app, you can point your phone’s camera to the sky and see satellites, planets, and other space objects superimposed on your screen. You can also use it to calibrate a compass for more effective directing, or use it to point out constellations to navigate by the stars.


  • Storm (free; iOS): This app provides storm warnings, push notifications, and real-time radar animations. The app itself is free, but in-app purchases allow you to remove ads and subscribe to additional features.
  • Weather Underground (free; Android): This app is similar to Storm (and is made by the same people), but also focuses on the day-to-day weather as opposed to severe weather.
  • Dark Sky (free; iOS): Dark Sky provides up-to-the-minute weather forecasts with detailed images of radar views.


  • Oh Ranger! Park Finder (free; iOS and Android): By entering the state and zip code you are in, this app will show you local state and national parks, including events.
  • Allstays Camp and RV ($9.99; iOS and Android): Allstays gives you information about all sorts of campgrounds, ranging from the primitive to the more luxurious. This app also provides information about places to park overnight or boondocking.
  • RV Parky (free; iOS and Android): Using this app, you can find an RV park from thousands of locations around the United States and Canada.

Dump Stations

  • SaniDumps (free; iOS and Android): This app shows the places to dump your RV in a 20 mile (32 kilometer) radius of your current zip code.
  • Allstays ($9.99; iOS and Android): In addition to campgrounds, this app helps you find rest areas, truck stops, and other dump places.
  • Gas Stations

  • GasBuddy (free; iOS and Android): GasBuddy has been a friend of the road traveler for years, and this app makes the experience easier. Not only does this app provide user-submitted repots of gas prices, users can also note the services a gas station offers, such as ATMs, bathrooms, and snacks.
  • Pure Gas (free, iOS and Android) Use this app to find gas stations offering ethanol-free fuel, including those that sell for boats or planes.

The Extras

  • Free WiFi Finder (iOS) and Free WiFi Zone (Android): These free apps help you to find WiFi spots in your area.
  • SatFinder and Dish Align (free; iOS and Android): These two free apps use your location to show where to point your RV’s satellite dish to get reception for local television channels.
  • TV Towers USA (iOS) and TV Antenna Helper Free (Android): These apps also show where to point an antenna for TV signals. TV Antenna has a paid version ($1.99) that removes ads.
  • ALDI USA (free; iOS and Android): Use this app to find ALDI grocery stores near you. You can also use the app to get weekly deals and create shopping lists.
  • History Here (free; iOS and Android): The History Channel made this app to show interesting historical events that happened where you are. This is an especially useful app to learn about a new area or to discover something new about somewhere you’ve visited before.
  • Radio Locator (free; iOS and Android): When you’re in a new area and need a radio station, this app shows what kinds of stations are available and what frequency they are.
  • Goby (free; iOS and Android) This app shows you a wide range of activities, from hiking trails to art exhibits to festivals.


With the advent of mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, there is a wide range of help for you when you are on the road. Modern apps can show information about supplies, navigation, events, and more. All in all, these mobile apps allow for an easier and less troublesome journey wherever your RV takes you.

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