7 Simple Organizing Solutions for RV Living!

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Seven simple solutions for storage and organizing your RV

Traveling in a recreational vehicle is a carefree way to enjoy the country, but it means that you have to get a bit creative about space. If you want to live comfortably on the road, you have to find ways to incorporate the everyday items you will need with a much smaller living space. Even the largest Class A motorhomes or fifth wheels for sale today require some creative thinking to best utilize interior and exterior space.

With an innovative approach to storage and organization in your RV, you won’t ever want for any modern-day conveniences and you won’t feel crowded, either. Take a look at these space-saving storage and organizational tips for RV living:

1. Hang a Waste Basket From a Cabinet Door

Instead of using up square footage for your garbage receptacle, install hooks over a cabinet door and hang your trash can inside it.

2. Use Magnetic Strips

Instead of storing your knife set on the counter, hang a magnetic strip and stick your knifes there instead. Magnetic strips can also be used for spices, to hang metal spoons, scissors, keys, and much more. For safety reasons, be sure to store any sharp or heavy items attached to magnetic strips in a drawer while the RV is in motion.

3. Hang Hooks

Wherever you have an item that can be hung (towels, cooking utensils, etc.), install simple hooks on the sides of other hardware. When you aren't using the hooks, they won’t take up a lot of space just being there.

4. Use Velcro

There isn’t much surface space in a RV to set things like TV remotes, but you can get creative by adhering Velcro to the back and sticking them to cabinets or tables. You can also use Velcro straps to hang items like coiled extension cords and hoses. You’ll save space and also know exactly where these items are located when you need them.

5. Get Creative With Office Organizers

A lot of the items that you would typically see on top of a desk can double as storage units in a RV setting. Consider using freestanding file folder holders for kitchen supplies, or pencil holders for cooking utensils. Since these items are not permanently affixed, they can be moved out of the RV when needed or moved to a different spot. You can also connect folders on the inside of cabinet doors to store extra items and make the most use of space.

6. Hang a Pegboard For Cooking Items

Instead of filling your cabinets with pots and pans, hang a basic pegboard with hooks. You can also hang items like mixing spoons and spatulas to save space and easily access when you are cooking in your RV.

7. Use Organizers That Hang on Back of Seats

Be sure to use the prime real estate on the back of the driver and passenger seats to your advantage with over-the-seat organizers. Store things like maps, magazines, water bottles and flashlights in it for quick access. You can even house emergency road trip items in it.

Making the most use of your space on RV road trips will make them smoother, and long-term stays in RV parks more convenient.

What are your best space-saving tips for RV travel?

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