Best Hobbies for Life in an RV

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Family fun in an RV
Traveling in an RV can be a fun way to live, but there is more to the life than traveling and camping. Many people who RV also have other hobbies to pass time and to expand their horizons. Sightseeing is always an important activity for RVers, but even the most dedicated travelers need time to rest and recharge. Passengers might also want an activity they can do while someone else is driving. Some RVers are also able to use their hobbies as a way of generating extra money, especially if they are making crafts. This is where hobbies that can be done almost anywhere come into play.


  • Loads of people who RV also golf or fish. Though these activities fit the RV lifestyle well, they also require equipment that take up space, so be sure to consider how much storage you have.
  • Hiking and biking are popular, especially since many people use campgrounds as a docking point for their RV anyway.
  • Geocaching — in this activity, people place items in a hidden spot. Then, they list the GPS coordinates (usually in an online database) for others to find. When people find the caches, they usually note when they found it. is a good place to get started.
  • Bird and wildlife watching — you might even find a local group in the area that you can join.
  • Water activities, such as swimming, kayaking, and canoeing, are also great ways to explore the area up close.
  • Pickleball is extremely popular in many RV parks. Pickleball is similar to tennis, but on a smaller court and with a slower pace, which makes it ideal for RVers of all ages.

Crafting and Creative Work

  • Carpentry and woodworking sound counterintuitive to an “on the road” hobby, but if you have tools on hand to make minor repairs, this can be a nice addition to the RV life.
  • Painting/drawing, especially to capture those new places and views.
  • Knitting, crocheting, and other yarn crafts — if you make different items, you can even sell them at markets or on for some side money.
  • Photography captures your sights. Thanks to digital photography, you can do this with fewer materials.
  • Writing and blogging — it can be fun to read back on past adventures and keep up with family back home.
  • Sewing and embroidery not only fix garments, but can allow you to create totally new things.
  • Making videos, much like photography, has been more user-friendly and easier to access than ever before.
  • Playing musical instruments allows for creative expression and can be a great way to meet new people.
  • There are numerous crafts that a lot of people may not know about, such as basket weaving, making spinners (a great way to reuse empty cans!) and more.
Visit ghost towns, such as Bodie, California, in your RV


  • Learning a new language on the road is not only fun, it can be helpful if your adventures take you to other countries. Software such as Rosetta Stone and apps such as Duolingo allow for practice at any time.
  • With Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), you can learn about anything from psychology to chemistry to art. These classes vary in intensity and time commitment, but being able to learn at your pace and whenever you have time, day or night, makes it a fantastic opportunity for RVers.
  • Following genealogy and filling out your family tree is a great activity for RVing, as you can actually go to the places where your ancestors lived. Sites such as or can show you places to get started.
  • Anywhere you go, there are bound to be historical spots. You can learn about various local traditions, crafts, or even explore ghost towns.
  • Learning new card or board games lets you learn new activities and meet new people.


While many people think of RVing as a hobby in and of itself, there are a number of other activities that can also bring joy and learning to an RVer. These activities can serve to introduce you to new people and areas you might have overlooked. Even when you are on the road, you can enrich yourself in new ways wherever you are.

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