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Cover All the Bases in the Ultimate Baseball RV Road Trip

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For some, nothing says “summer” like taking in a baseball game. For others, there’s attending the local games – and then making a road trip in your trusty RV to see even more. It’s common for diehard baseball fans to take a trip to a nearby state (or two) to see their favorite team in action multiple times. For the truly devoted — although it may sound like a pipe dream — it is actually possible to hit all 30 ballparks in 30 days;  if you don’t mind long drives and only a few hours of sleep. For baseball fanatics who only want to see a couple clusters of games outside their home city, there are road-trip options for that as well.
Here are two road-trip plans that can help you get the most baseball out of your summer:

Swinging For the Fences

If you’ve got the time, the money, and the determination to tackle 30 days of baseball in a row, then you’re in luck – it’s been done before, and its creators want to share their method. In summer 2013, Ben Blatt and Eric Brewster traveled across the United States for an entire month, successfully attending one baseball game per day (complete without missing the first pitch and not ducking out early). They’ve since put together a handy algorithm that allows you to generate your own 30-day road trip route to see the baseball team of your choice.
However, Blatt warns against being too cavalier about this ultimate baseball road trip:
“It was not easy to build a road trip along these parameters. Some stadiums, like Coors Field in Denver and Safeco Field in Seattle, are at best a 12-plus-hour drive from the next or previous major league city. If you throw in the complication of Mondays and Thursdays being off days for most teams, the options are so limited that the ‘optimal’ trip is far from optimal as any sane person would define it. And then there was the problem of extra innings, a threat that loomed over every game, threatening to louse up our often down-to-the-hour plan.”
And louse it up they did, leading to a few frantic drives for Blatt and Brewster. So if you’re aiming to do multiple games across multiple days, you’re going to have to keep in mind variables for delays such as traffic, weather, and extra innings.

Hitting a Line Drive

If you’re intimidated by the idea of bingeing on baseball for 30 days straight – or if you have a more fixed budget for money or vacation time – then Ballparks of Baseball has got you covered with some smaller, more casual road trips that are still centered on baseball games across multiple states.
For example, “The I-95er” is a trip that visits six of the largest ballparks in the North East.  Start in Washington and finish in Boston, with visits to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Queens and the Bronx in between.
If you only have a couple of days and you want to fill both with baseball, your best bet is to stay within the same state. Ballparks of Baseball has a few of those mapped out as well, including the “Bay Area Showdown” (a California weekend featuring games in Oakland and San Francisco) and “New York State Of Mind” (an August weekend in New York City with games at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field). There’s even an extended weekend trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, which lets you hit up Diamondbacks versus Padres, Yankees versus Angels, and Giants versus Dodgers – all while allowing for “plenty of time to explore Hollywood and Los Angeles before or after each game.”
Any of these would be the perfect option if you’re crunched for time, or if you’d rather take it a bit more casually and do some sightseeing as well as soaking up the ballpark atmosphere.

Out to the Ball Game

Mileage may vary when it comes to baseball fanatics and their road trips to see favorite teams. The fun thing is that whether you want to attempt 30 days of baseball or just make a weekend out of it, there are plenty of routes you can take in order to see some games and some sights along the way. It all depends on timing, determination, and of course, how many peanuts and how much Cracker Jack you can eat.

Have you ever done a road trip for baseball (or any other sport)? Tell us about it in the comments.


Expand Your Palette with These 5 Wine Region Road Trips

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Although some oenophiles may prefer European wines, there are plenty of quality vinos made right here in the USA – and not all of them in California, either. Whether as a destination or en route to other adventures, a discerning wine fan can easily make a road trip through some of the best wineries this country has to offer, no matter what region you’re visiting. In fact, it’s a pretty good bet that wherever you’re road-tripping, there’s likely a vineyard nearby that you can tour. Some of them tend to be more “destination” than others, but no matter where you are, you’re sure to find something that will fit your tastes – be they red, white, or rosé.

Napa Valley, California

If you think of wine country, likely Napa Valley comes to mind. Napa is most well-known for Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons, and has over 400 wineries.  Also, Napa goes hand in hand with its neighbor, Sonoma County, like wine and cheese. You can’t mention one without the other, which is what makes them a great road trip. You can hit up wineries at both scenic locations on the same trip, and both areas also have fine dining and entertainment to keep you busy outside of the vineyards. Plus, the local spas make for a great chance to unwind after a long day in your RV.

Finger Lakes, New York

Upper New York State is home to so much beautiful scenery, it’s hard to imagine passing up the chance to visit. For wine lovers who are concerned about the environment, it’s even more enticing, given that many wineries around the Finger Lakes are focused on sustainability. Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake is home to nearly 100 independent wineries, and there are wine trails for visitors to tour the region’s vineyards. The Finger Lakes are also a convenient location for those who are traveling to larger cities on the East Coast, so if you’re heading to Boston or New York City, make sure you schedule a stop at the Finger Lakes.

Walla Walla, Washington

It’s fun to say, and even more fun to visit. Walla Walla, a region in Washington State better known for its eponymous onion, is actually the second-largest state for wine production in the United States, according to the International Business Times. If you’re a fan of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, then Walla Walla is definitely worth a visit, so you can take a sip while you enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Be sure to grab a bottle or two to take with you to enjoy later at your campsite.

Texas Hill Country, Texas

You might associate Texas with a cold can of beer, but several wineries in the region could change your mind. “Some 5 million annual visitors make Hill Country the third-most visited region in the nation, though many outside the state have no idea it even produces wine,” reports the International Business Times. That makes it a prime spot for road-trippers looking for something a little less glitzy than Napa. With upwards of 9 million acres of vineyard to explore and a definite southern feel, Hill Country is the perfect stop if you want some down-to-earth fun along with your glass of red.

Traverse City, Michigan

Although Traverse City is best known for its cherries, its location and climate have made it ideal for growing grapes as well. If you’ve got a white wine lover in your RV, this is the place to be – Traverse City’s wineries produce wonderful Riesling and Pinot Blanc.

A Winery for Everyone

Wine lovers planning an RV road trip might solely choose California, but the truth is that there are plenty of vineyards across the United States. Whether you’re city chic or a little bit country, there’s definitely a winery out there for you – and they all produce some pretty spectacular wines. Make it a destination or simply a stop on your road trip, but don’t miss out on what the USA’s wine regions have to offer.


La Mesa RV is looking for regular blog contributors!

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