RV Tire Maintenance Checklist [GRAPHIC]

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Packing up your RV and heading out onto the open road? Proper tire maintenance can help you lower the risk of encountering problems down the road. Here are nine tips to keep your tires properly stored, in good working order, and always road-ready.

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  • Wash tires regularly (but not too often) with mild soap and a soft brush
  • Replace your tires every 7 years, regardless of their visual appearance
  • Avoid petroleum-based tire products that can accelerate deterioration
  • There are plaques on every RV that indicate proper tire inflation levels - these should be consulted

On the Road
  • Pack your RV conscientiously to evenly distribute weight and avoid bringing more than you need
  • RV tires weigh as much as 250 lbs, changing or rotating your tires should not be considered a do-it-yourself project
  • Be sure the size and load range of your tires are suitable for the weight of your RV

Off the Road

  • Block and level your RV each time you store it in one place for 2 or more days
  • Park your RV out of the sun or use tire covers to avoid cracks from UV exposure
  • Watch your tire pressure and keep tires properly inflated, even during storage

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