Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

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Ah, camping. The great outdoors, the campfires, the food you’d never eat in a civilized society: it’s a wonderful experience. That said, things can get a little bit tricky when we are left to the mercy of Mother Nature. We have come up with some camping hacks that you should use on your next camping trip. Here are 15 powerful camping hacks that are smart and unique:

  Tent Floor Tile

Use foam floor tiles for a softer, more comfortable tent floor.

Campfire Banana Boats
What’s not to love about bananas filled with marshmallows and chocolate chips and then cooked over a campfire?

Solar Charged Stereo Cooler
Use the sun to power your music with the solar powered stereo set up in a cooler for convenient transport.

TicTax Boxes for Spices
Perfect to store spices for your next camping trip.

Learn how to make authentic cowboy coffee! No coffee bags here.
Here's how to make it:

Put a battery-powered votive candle into an empty peanut butter container to make portable lanterns.

Add bundles of sage to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away.

Use an acorn cap as a whistle if you get lost.

Turn a bottle into a spoon.

Keep sandpaper handy to light matches.

                                                        Kid’s Craft Camping Lantern
A battery operated tea light, tissue paper, a plastic jar, 
and a bit of glue will make beautiful camping lanterns that your kids can craft themselves.

                                                    Cook Crescent Rolls over the Fire
          Wrap crescent roll dough around a y-shaped branch for campfire crescent rolls

                                                              Egg Carton Fire Starter
                      Place charcoal into an egg carton for a simple fire starter.


Forgo the meat marinade and put the rosemary right on the coals.

Cook Cinnabon's (the canned kind) in a hollowed-out orange over a campfire.

Cook cinnabuns (the canned kind) in a hollowed-out orange over a campfire.

                                                                Bonus Hacks:

                                                                             Camping Wind Turbine
             A wind turbine can help power some of those electric items you’d rather not do without.

                                                                                       Willow Whistle
                                                         Learn to craft a whistle from a willow branch!

Here's some additional Camping Hacks to check out when you go camping:

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