7 Things you probably didn't know about Boondocking

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7 Things you probably didn’t know about Boondocking

The history of boondocking mirrors the history of the National Forest. Founded primarily for small rural communities, most of what the National Forest was utilized for mining, grazing and timber harvest. Visitors, in the beginning, were primarily hunters and fishermen but in the late 1970’s the Forest Service decided to focus on “dispersed camping” or boondocking. This may be your first boondocking experience  and if  it is and you’re in Arizona, stop and  visit us in Quartzsite where you will find some great areas to camp. So here are 7 tips that could help you, working with what you have.

Meals on Wheels? Plan ahead
1.    You need to pre-plan your meals. Preparing and freezing meals or making salads ahead of time means there’s fewer dishes to do, making it easier to relax and enjoy. It also reduces the need to go to the store – which is not always close by. A major plus to this is it helps keep your trash to a minimum.
Maintaining water is Key
     2.    Make sure to buy or take separate gallons of drinking water to save the water in your fresh tank for washing and showering.

     3.    Take quick “navy showers”. Follow these steps: jump in, get wet, turn off water, lather up, turn water back on, rinse off, jump out. Or plan to shower only every other day unless you’re ok with taking  a ‘sponge bath’.

Give reasonable distance for parking for fellow RVers to have space and not block their view

Parking areas matter
     4.    Be certain to park a reasonable distance from other RVers so you won’t  invade their space or view, this keeps your generator noise from bothering them. Which is really important if you start your generator early in the morning (whether for work or coffee!). Be especially aware of RVers with solar panels and park well away from them (minimum 500 feet as a guide) – they will appreciate being sheltered from your noise so they can continue to enjoy the peace and quiet out there. Being respectful of your neighbors will ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.
     5.    Keep your nightshades down during the hottest parts of the day to deflect the sun and help keep your RV cooler. 

     6.    Track your generator hours to estimate your boondocking costs and work out a daily average. It will help you weigh the potential cost benefits of adding solar power
     7.    Check for sufficient cellular/internet coverage ahead of time using the coverage map for your cell phone provider or use the Coverage App

     8.    Keep your trash stored securely inside and don’t leave food outside to prevent attracting unwanted natural visitors to your campsite
     9.    Here is a Boondocking Guide to the Pacific Northwest: http://bit.ly/2cEt0gU

Here are some great sources of information for boondocking:

We hope you found these tips useful and that they help you conserve water, energy and ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience out in the boonies!! And in between your stops, feel free to stop by one of our convenient locations for service. You can trust our knowledgeable crew members who are available to assist you with your RV buying and RV service needs. We look forward to opening our doors to you and encourage you to explore all that the RV lifestyle has to offer.

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