RV Towing 101 - What To Know When You Tow

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A TOAD (or dingy, in RV language) is the extra vehicle you tow behind your motorhome.
It’s used for sightseeing and other activities once you have parked your RV or set up camp at the campground.
There are a number of ways you can pull your auxiliary wheels behind you.Serious thought needs to be given before you decide what type of vehicle will suit your needs best, and which is the best way to tow it.
First, you’ll want to verify with your state’s DOT (Department of Transportation) exactly what the legal requirements are in your state.
Many states require that all trailers (or otherwise towed items) weighing over 1,500 have brakes.  Some may wave this issue with cars attached by a tow bar.  You won’t be sure what you’re dealing with until you check with the proper authorities.

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