RV Exercise: The best way to keep fit while you RV

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The RV lifestyle comes with many perks. One thing it lacks is the opportunity for exercise. RV fitness is possible

When most of us think of exercise equipment, we think treadmills, exercise bikes, home gyms or gym memberships; however, most of us do not have room to take these items or to stop by our local gym when on the road. The good news is that you don't need a full-size gym to stay fit and healthy while traveling.
Here's a quick list of those activities you can do just anywhere:
RV Activity 1: Chair Dips: This exercise works the back of your arms
RV Activity 2 Leg Lifts: this exercise will develop strength in the glutes
RV Activity 3 Walking: taking a 30-minute walk is great for your overall health.
RV Activity 4 Wall Push Ups: This primarily focuses on your arms, chest, and shoulders
RV Activity 5 Squats: A squat is good for your lower back and hamstrings
RV Activity 6 Lunges: this focuses on your hips and thighs
RV Activity 7 Standing Crunches: this helps improve your balance works the obliques

For those that have room,
Exercise Body Sculpting Sticks -  If you use this for stick twist exercise it will burn belly fat, strengthen your abdominals and is easy to transport.

PowerBlock Travel Bench - This bench folds for easy storage and can
be used in your RV or home gym as well.  

PowerBlock Classic 50 Plus Dumbbells - Each dumbbell has weight range from 5-50 lbs
Replaces 16 pairs of dumbbells or 825 lbs of free weights.  Expandable to 70 per hand

Find these and other convenient resources at: New Humans RV Gym Blog

If you need smaller portable options, these are ideal for taking on the road:
  • Hand weights - great for working on your wrist and strengthening your hand
  • Wrist weights and ankle weights - Ideal for floor exercise or when walking and hiking
  • Resistance bands - These are great for working in tight spaces and to strengthen your core
  • Pedometer - This a great way to keep track of how many steps you take each day
  • Yoga mat, blocks, and bands - These are ideal for yoga, pilates and floor exercises
  • Twist disks - These small disks work on your core muscles and legs
  • Balance boards or disks - These small but handy and core exercise tools allow you to improve balance
  • Pilates ring - This exercise ring provides resistance for seated, standing or floor exercises.
  • Sitting stepper - It easily fits in the glove box when not in use and is great way to keep moving and improving circulation when sitting during long drives
  • Exercise DVDs - Workout DVDs are available for everything from seated exercises to hip hop routines and yoga to belly dancing

Get Fit on the Road
This workout by the TheFitRv.com is for those who prefer to travel light without any exercise equipment. 

The exercises address every muscle group, plus it will challenge your coordination, which is what I
There are 10 exercises in the workout plan and you’ll do them in a circuit format. Repeat the circuit 3 times through, doing 10 reps of everything. And make you follow these guys because they are
Click the and link for The FitRV No Equipment Workout

The best RVers are Fit RVers. You can still have your Keys To Freedom and Stay in shape. Stop by one of our locations in our RV Partsworld and check what we have to offer to keep you fit: La Mesa RV Locations

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