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5 New Restaurant Pit Stops to Hit on Your RV Road Trip



You know that restaurant you unintentionally stumbled upon 5 years ago after taking a wrong exit off the highway while on a RV trip? The spot that after one bite this restaurant instantly became your favorite and it’s so divine you still dream about it and take the long route just to have one more meal there…

We all have that restaurant, be it in California or New Hampshire or somewhere in-between. We too think of it longingly. An exciting element of RV culture is discovering new places to dine during your travels. We’re proposing a toast to these five new restaurants that have been on everyone’s radar this past year. Next time your find yourself in New Orleans, St. Louis, Seattle, Kansas or Raleigh, you must check out these spots that locals and travelers alike can’t stop raving about.


A delicious new take on the classic grilled cheese sandwhich with chips

Photography: @turkeyandthewolf

Turkey and The Wolf
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Address: 739 Jackson Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130
Turkey and The Wolf, known for its twist on your favorite American after school snacks (think fried bologna sandwiches and pot pie), is the brain child of chef Mason Hereford. Hereford sources his ingredients local when possible and goes to the convenient store for Doritos and American cheese (two staples in his pantry), for his personal twist on the southern classics he grew up on. Interested in deviled eggs with fried chicken skin or a collard green melt? What about the Hillbilly Hotbox cocktail and soft serve ice cream with sprinkles on top for desert? The only issue we see you running into while here is trying to decide which item to get, because we have a feeling you’ll want it all.


An appetizing mexican rice noodle bowl with eggs and churros

Photography: @nixtastl

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Address: 1621 Tower Grove Avenue, St. Louis MO 63110
Nixta, located in St. Louis’s Botanical Heights neighborhood, creates dishes rooted in the traditions of Mexican food while celebrating seasonal ingredients and contemporary techniques. The small menu offers tacos, tostadas, ceviche and crab stuffed avocado. Dish sizes are served as large appetizers and intended to be shared. The restaurant encourages those dining to, “get a few items, move them around the table and make a mess.” Shared plates on while a road trip? Sign us up!

A JuneBaby original and creative mixed coctail

Photography: JuneBaby Seattle

Location: Seattle, Washington
Address: 2122 Northeast 65th Street, Seattle WA 98115
JuneBaby is making big waves. The restaurant focuses on the origin and history of southern cuisine. “Southern food reflects hard times and resourcefulness and is nothing short of beautiful. It is a cuisine to be respected and celebrated,” and that’s exactly what they’re doing. “Moonshine Hour” (Saturday and Sunday 3-5pm) offers a limited menu with happy hour beverages. The dinner menu features starters of biscuits, crispy pig ears and roasted beets. Main dishes include fried catfish and Momma Jordan’s oxtails. Frog leg & shrimp gumbo is a local favorite and not to be missed. JuneBaby is closed every Monday and Tuesday.


Prepared iced oysters garnished with onion

Photography: @corvinokc

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Address: 1830 Walnut St, Kansas City MO 64108
Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room is two dining options under one roof. The Supper Club offers modern American cuisines designed around seasonal ingredients. Like Supper Clubs of the past, the space takes advantage of Kansas City’s rich music scene by offering nightly live music. Here you’ll be able to choose for daily, late night and happy hour menus. If you’re feeling road trip fancy, try their champagne and caviar for two menu. The Tasting Room is a 2.5 hour dining venture that takes you on chef Michael’s childhood experience of dining in the Pacific Northwest. Curated wine pairings align with the menu for a surprising and delicious meal that will have you leaving full and satisfied.


Beautifly cooked golden brown fried dumpling and chopsticks

Photography: @brewerybhavana

Brewery Bhavana
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Address: 218 South Blount Street, Raleigh NC 27601
Brewery Bhavana was born from a group of dreamers with one common vision: to create community through offering. Located in the historic Moore Square Park of downtown Raleigh, the space offers beer, a dim sum restaurant, flower shop and bookstore all in one. Owners Patrick and Brent make the brewery’s 10 core beers and offer an additional 40 beers on tap. Stop in the flower shop to elevate your RV interior and grab a book for the rest of your RV road trip.



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  • Killua
    Posted March 2, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    It’s almost lunch time and I am just staring sadly at my instant noodles. Great article though!

    • Post Author
      Kristen Blanton
      Posted March 5, 2018 at 5:24 pm

      haha well hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy one of these restaurants in the near future.

  • mommy'
    Posted March 7, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    Everybody says putting chips on a sandwhich is gross until they try it! Best sandwhich mod ever!

  • Casey Rudd
    Posted March 20, 2018 at 9:36 pm

    Corvinos is awesome!

  • Del Rio
    Posted March 22, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    What’s in that orange drink? It looks like calamari


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