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How To Video: RV Refrigerator


The standard refrigerator on most trailers and fifth wheels is a Norcold brand that works on LP and 110 power. On the LP you’ll need a 12 volt power from your battery that can be used while you’re traveling from your home to your campground. Follow these steps:

– When you arrive at the campground, plug in and it’ll automatically switch over to 110 power.

– To turn on the system, just push the on button once and a green light will come on. Inside the refrigerator is your thermostat. This refrigerator will take 24 to 48 hours to get your desired temperature. Your freezer will get cold first.

To learn more about the external access cover to your refrigerator and what to do if you turn on your system and a red light appears instead of a green light, watch the rest of the tutorial below.



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