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Summer Road Trip: Top Travel Apps You Need to Download Now


We are in the age of technology and travel. Though the days of paper maps and compasses are nostalgic remnants of the past (to some), the ways of ‘back in my day’ don’t have to be abandoned quite yet. Today’s travel apps are the modern worlds way of navigating without hassle and frustration. We say leave the maps and compasses for the trail and upgrade to these excellent resources for your next RV trip.


Photography: @knarles_gage

Google Maps 

This is a necessity. Google Maps is endlessly useful for more than directions to and from your destination. Looking for the nearest gas station? It has you covered. Want to avoid that wreck 20 miles ahead that you didn’t even know about? Google’s on it. Need to know what types of food are offered on your next exit, Google can tell you. The app is supported in over 220 countries, features voice guided GPS and live updates on traffic conditions.



Who wants to deal with a spoiled trip because of some bad weather? No one usually. That’s why WeatherBug is your go to for all updates on local conditions. This app can access the largest network of weather stations in the country and you will receive alerts, radar, current conditions and forecasts for your desired destination. The app features live weather cams from over 2,000 locations nationwide and supports multiple languages.


Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, make sure to take full advantage of the Amazon Video, Photo and Music apps. There are endless free movies, shows and audiobooks for kids and adults alike. If you have unlimited data on your phone this is an ideal way to gain free entertainment, especially if you have multiple devices. Another amazing feature with the Amazon App is if you’re short on time you can pre-order your groceries so you can pick them up when you arrive at the store.



If you frequently camp at KOA, this app is a must for you. It offers as much information as the online website but with easier navigation on your phone. You can view campground maps, read reviews and make reservations directly from the app. Oftentimes they offer coupon programs for VKR members on the app, so keep your eye out for that.


USA Rest Stops

USA Rest Stops is a great app for all travelers. It’s main function is to locate rest stops that are RV friendly on your route, which can be searched by state or interstate. It also shows welcome centers and service plazas on turnpikes. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a particularly scenic rest stop to have a picnic lunch or to be certain the nearest stop isn’t closed for maintenance.



Looking for an app that helps you discover the most interesting places nearby? What if you wanted to map out your route in advance but wanted a resource to tell you which scenic overlooks, historic sites and amazing restaurants (or where to get the nearest beer) is without having to do the research yourself? Roadtrippers does it all! It’s an excellent source for discovering local attractions without skipping a beat.



Spotify is the new iPod, but it’s on your phone. You’re able to listen to millions of songs for free with commercials or you can opt for one of the many plans for unlimited listening (the family plan allows up to 6 accounts for $14.99/month). The app offers genre listening with pre-made playlists as well as “discover weekly” options that are recommended songs curated to your specific taste. The best part – you can download the playlists you create so that when you’re out of service, the music never stops.


Do you have any favorite apps you use while traveling in your RV? Let us know in the comment section below and check out our last weeks post, on The Best Family Friendly Campsites.


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