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We Took A Winnebago Fuse to Form Festival At Arcosanti

If you haven’t seen our last blog post, we encourage you to get caught up as we are focusing heavily on the great state of Arizona. Located an hour outside of Phoenix, Arcosanti is known for being a community driven architectural gathering place and experiential learning center. Built in 1970 by Italian-American architect, Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti has made a name for itself not only in the design, construction and urban planning world but in the art, sociology and music scene as well.

Arcosanti became FORM Festival’s home in 2013 when the band Hundred Waters explored the experimental town while touring. FORM is all about embracing the intimate venue with the ever inspiring creatives, explorers, artists and musicians of this generation. This means camping together also so we brought our Winnebago Fuse along for the ride.

Arcosanti La Mesa RVKeyhole shaped door with bush


Yes, you heard it! Camping/RVing at a music festival isn’t new to anyone especially if you grew up in the age of Woodstock. But camping/RVing at Arcosanti is ground breaking. With a unique focus on community, culture and art, FORM has become, “the festival of the future” quoted by Pitchfork Music Festival.


Arcosanti music line up scheduleWhat to do at Arcosanti


Why all the hype?

FORM redefines the meaning of music festival. By curating a roster of interactive elements, discussions and installations, serving as the side dish to the music’s main course, it offers attendees an all-in-one experience. The future of music festivals has arrived!

“Over 5,000 people have participated at FORM over the past 4 years, including artists like Solange, James Blake, Father John Misty and Skrillex, cultural partners like Saint Heron, Pathways, Planned Parenthood, Neuehouse and many others” – FORM


Indoor shrub and round doorrecycled images but arranged differently nowCypress tree outisde round hole in wall


What was the camping experience like?

Attendees can choose from bringing in their own RV, tent camping or yurt camping. Our Winnebago Fuse was the perfect shelter at night tuning out any unwanted sounds of passing campers. We may be a tad biased, but we felt RVing was the way to go.

As a festival camper you have the option of using the mobile showers or toilets. We felt right at home being able to go about our daily routine in the comfort of a Class C.


Winnebago Fuse hiding behind desert shrub
collage of Arcosanti photos arranged differentlymid section of Winnebago Fuse and leaves


Any issues getting from the main road to your designated campsite?

Not at all. The Winnebago Fuse was a trooper down Arcosanti’s dirt roads. Even Class A units made it down to the campsite without a care in the world.


standing on concrete mound with ancient markingsStained glass mini bio domeCamping in a yurt mongolian style campingguy with hat sings and metal flower


Want to attend FORM next year? Click here to stay updated!

Good place to sit at arcosantiPhoenix afrobeat orchestra collageartist sings while waiting for drummerplaying music in smokey vibrantly colored roomsmini zip lines at form festivalCollage of the same photos


Did you camp out at Form or another music festival this year? Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment below.


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