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How To: Campfire Nachos


Want to elevate your campfire meals? If you’re tired of the same old hot dogs, hamburgers and grilled chicken, let us introduce you to our delicious campfire nachos. This meal is hearty, delicious and can feed a whole campground! Watch our how to video below and check out or step-by-step instructions on creating your own summer nachos!



– Ground beef
– Cheddar cheese
– 1 Green onion
– Iceberg lettuce
– 2 Jalapeno
– 2 Tomatoes
– 2 Avocados
– 1 Bag of tortilla chips
– Salsa
– Skillet



1. Start your fire and burn for 30 minutes to get hot coals cooking.
2. Place ground beef on skillet and cook through.
3. De-seed jalapenos. Slice avocado.
4. Add grated cheddar cheese and jalapenos to skillet. Cook until melted.
5. Pull skillet off grill and add tortilla chips.
6. Top with green onion, avocado, lettuce and salsa!



Do you have a summertime go-to meal? Let us know what you’ll be grilling this summer and check out our 100% yummy and kid approved lunch recipe.



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