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How-To Video: HWH Leveling


This is how to operate your HWH leveling system:

– Turn the engine on and start with the air suspension
– To operate the system, select ‘air’ on the HWH computerized leveling panel
– Push it once and then once more (two times total) to activate the system
– The system will begin dumping the airbags
– If you see the yellow lights are still on your leveling panel, that means your coach is still leaning to the side the lights are on
– Once your coach is level, the yellow lights will go out
– Now your system is complete
– Turn off your engine

The system will continue to monitor your leveling every 30 minutes. To learn how to turn your system into travel mode, watch the video tutorial.



Is there a How-To video you’d like to see? Let us know in the comment section below and check out last week’s How-To Video.



La Mesa RV Administrator
La Mesa RV Digital Team
La Mesa RV Administrator
La Mesa RV Digital Team
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