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These RV Accessories Will Help You Save More In The Long Run


Are you new to the RV world and unsure of which upgrades you actually need? There’s a lot of information and options out there and while we love new and exciting accessories, today we’re focusing on those RV upgrades that will save you time, money and energy in the long run.

From surge protectors to tire monitors, we’ve found the best gadgets for your motorhome that will pay for themselves time and time again. These particular items can all be found at our RV Parts World. Check out the list below.



Max Air Vent Cover
– Covers and protects original vent lid on RV’s
– Allows air flow in and out of RV without letting in rain
– This add on keeps your RV in top condition no matter the elements
– 6 year warranty
Price: $44.99



Surge Protector
– Protects from any surge, lightning strike, open grounds and low voltages by continuously monitoring shore power to prevent damage to electronic equipment
– Automatically disconnects during open neutral condition or if voltage falls below 102 volts or about 132 volts
– Reserve polarities on RV’s with a lifetime warranty
– Insurance does not cover lightning strikes or surges on electrical but the MFG of this company does
– If you take a hit without this protector it could cost you anywhere between $3-10K
Price: $349.99 (30 AMP) | $489.99 (50 AMP)



Water Pressure Regulator 
– Protects damage to your water system and fresh water hose
– Pressure is regulated to 45-50 PSI
– Most RV parks are higher than the 50 PSI pressure and could damage your RV
– This inexpensive accessory can save hundreds in the long run
Price: $12.99

Tire Minder
– Monitors up to 22 tires and displays PSI and temperature for each individual tire
– It monitors visual and audible, high/low pressure, slow leak, rapid leak, high temperature and blowout alarms
– The accessory connects to Bluetooth and comes with a signal booster for superior signal strength
– Blow outs and low pressure issues are not only dangerous, they will cost you both time and money
Price: $499.99



Slide Out Lube and Rubber Seal Conditioner 
– Decreases friction during slide out extensions, giving the slide a longer life time
– Leaves a light water-repellent film
– Can be used for all rubber seals
– Keeps slides moving freely and smoothly without gumming up
– Protects from rust and corrosion
– Coats and repels moisture
– Reduces friction and is non-greasy
– Seals and mechanism of slide outs can become costly if not maintained
Price: $16.99/ 15 ounce can



Denver Mattress
– Proper rest is imperative when operating an RV to ensure safety, so why not bring the comfort of your home to your home on wheels?
– 5″, 9″ or 11″ height options
– Plush with resistance bounce, this mattress eases movement so you can’t feel your partner roll over
Price: Ranges from $399.99 to $1,299.99



Thetford Aqua Magic Style II
– Round, comfortable seat
– 17 2/8′ height
– Pedal flush control
– Water-saving hand sprayer
Price: $379.99 installed



Sani-Con Turbo Waste Management System
– The fastest and cleanest way to empty holding tanks
– Permanently installed with no messy connections
– Enables dumping uphill 9′ or up to 100′ horizontally
– No set-up time allows for “grab-and-go” operation
– Drains nearly as fast as gravity without set-up or clean-up time
Price: $795 installed


Call your local RV Parts World at La Mesa RV to find out if we have the product you’re looking for in stock or if it can be shipped to you.


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