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5 Food Ideas For The Easiest Friendsgiving at Your Campsite


It’s that time of year! Can you believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday? While you’re gearing up to eat all the turkey and stuffing you can muster, we’re bringing you the quintessential foods for a Friendsgiving party at your RV campsite. Invite your loved ones, campground neighbors and throw a bash with these delicious dishes. With this light menu, you’ll leave enough room for your Thursday Thanksgiving feast. We promise your guests will love our list.



Make an Autum Soup for Friendsgiving at Your Campsite
Cook a fall soup over your campground fire pit
Make a fall soup over the campfire at your RV campsite
Serving soup at your RV campsite


Try an autumn soup! From butternut squash to tomato, there are tons of fall soup options that are delicious when enjoying the outdoors. You can opt for a homemade or go the store-bought route. Either way the cooking is very simple. Just heat your soup up over your fire, stir every few minutes, add yummy croutons and seasoning and enjoy!


toast bread over the fire for Friendsgiving at your Campground
Take Polaroid photos for keepsakes during Friendsgiving at Your Campground


When eating outside during the chilly months, warm bread is a quintessential go to. This friendsgiving make easy sides with toasted french bread over the fire. This is a great option that is as equally delicious as it is filling. If you’re feeling fancy, add butter and rosemary for a tasty touch. If you don’t have butter, opt for a small bowl of vinegar and olive oil for dipping! Your bread will make a great dipping utensil for your soup.


Table setup for Friendsgiving at your Campground
Bring pastry's to Friendsgiving at your Campground


Who says everything has to be homemade? Often times, camping is the perfect time to relax, take in the vistas and not worry too much about food preparation. Take this opportunity to purchase a local pastry (or two) or try the local pie shop in the town you’re passing through. This is a great way to let your guests enjoy the local sweet flavors without leaving the campsite.


DIY caramel apples with your kids for the holidaysmake carmel appes at your Friendsgiving at Your CampgroundMelting carmel for apples at Friendsgiving at Your Campground


Have kiddos around and want to find an enjoyable way to include them in the cooking process? Opt for a DIY activity like making caramel apples! If you don’t have any skewers lying around, no need to fret. Walk around your campsite and have you and your kids scope out some sturdy wooden sticks to hold the apples up. Not only does this look incredibly adorable for autumn, but it’s a great way to use your surrounding resources and to have less clean-up!


Table setup for Friendsgiving at Your Campground
Friendsgiving at your Campground
Friendsgiving at Your Campsite


Top off your dinner with store-bought cider. Warm the cider over the fire, add in a cinnamon stick for additional flavor (and a little Schnapps for the adults). This is a delicious and warming drink that you can sip on all evening around the campfire.


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