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How Do I Winterize My RV Heater?


Are you RVing this winter but unsure of how to winterize your rig? Fear not! Our team at La Mesa RV has you covered. Follow this step-by-step guide to winterizing your RV heater and be sure to check out our recent posts How to Winterize Your RV Part I and II, as they are excellent resources for you to prepare your motorhome for an ultimate winter adventure!


Photography: @jscottish

You want to winterize your RV water system to keep it from freezing. Always refer to your owners manual for unit specific guidelines.

STEP 1: Remove and by-pass any inline water filters you have before you begin.

STEP 2: Drain your fresh water holding tank. Drain and flush your gray and black holding tanks.

STEP 3: Lubricate the termination valves with WD-40.

STEP 4: Drain the water heater and remove the drain plug. Open the pressure relief valve. NEVER drain the water heater when it is under pressure or if it is hot.

STEP 5: Open all faucets both internal and external on your RV.

STEP 6: Open all low point drain lines (there is one for hot and cold water lines).

STEP 7: By-pass the water heater.

STEP 8: Disconnect the inlet side of the water pump, then connect a piece of clear tubing and add one gallon of non-toxic RV antifreeze. If you you have a water pump converter kit you can use that instead.

STEP 9: Turn the water pump on and pressurize your system. First open the hot faucet, then the cold until you see the antifreeze.

STEP 10: Pour a cup of antifreeze down each drain. Don’t forget the toilet.

That’s it! Let us know where you’ll be headed this winter in your RV in the comment section below.


La Mesa RV Administrator
La Mesa RV Digital Team
La Mesa RV Administrator
La Mesa RV Digital Team
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