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We Asked This Adventurous Family About Their Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions…


Let us introduce you to the ever inspiring McLain family. The McLain’s were not only the faces of this year’s Holiday campaign but inspiring explorers who also share our love for experiencing life. Kyle is a musician with a deep love for coffee and craft beer, and Laila is a realtor and Barre3 instructor (stay tuned for Laila’s guide to working out on the road) among being an avid hiker and camper. We sat down with the trio, (who have a bundle on the way!) to chat about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Check out the full interview below!



Family with child hiking in fall


Thank you for sitting down with us! Tell us a little about your holidays. Do you travel? Spend time with family? 
Laila McLain: Since Kyle has a career where holidays are actually his busiest time of the year (and not the restful break many others get to enjoy), we do the holiday’s a little different. We’ve worked to make things “even” with our families of origin, so whomever we spend Thanksgiving Day with, we spend Christmas day with the opposite family. We try to alternate each year. It makes it so much easier then rushing to each family’s house on Thanksgiving day. It’s easy to feel guilty for spending too little time with one family and not actually enjoying the full meal because we have to run across town and eat with the other family in a few hours. Divvying up holiday’s this way really works for us!


Young family hiking on Thanksgiving


What are your quintessential Thanksgiving day events?
LM: We spend the day with our family, eating and going on a hike or a walk. It’s a lovely way to really enjoy each other’s company. A competitive board game typically makes an appearance as well.


Young family enjoying nature


What is your #1 Thanksgiving tradition? 
LM: Ironically both of our families shared a Thanksgiving tradition growing up, so it made it easy to continue that tradition as our families merged together. At our Thanksgiving dinner, we share what you’re thankful for at the dinner table as we sit and eat together.

Do you have a ‘Black Friday’ tradition?
LM: On Black Friday, we enjoy leftovers and go on a hike instead of going shopping. #OptOut


River crossing while hiking


What foods to you cook in the McLain household for Thanksgiving? 
LM: We eat Lamb! I mean, the traditional turkey and ham are available too but almost every year growing up we have a huge feast with family and friends who are basically family, so we always made a full lamb! Our door was open to whomever wanted to join and as a kid, I can’t actually remember a Thanksgiving with less than 30-40 people. Since it’s such a big group, we would always end up playing big group games like charades.


Young family hiking in Fall during Thanksgiving


What does your Thanksgiving look like with your family unit?
LM: As an adult, our Thanksgivings are smaller, typically just our immediate family, which makes the event a more intimate experience where classic board games are whipped out. And there’s no Thanksgiving without an afternoon nap nowadays!


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