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What We Learned From The Fit RV Workshop at La Mesa RV West Sacramento


Last month we teamed up with our favorite traveling duo, The Fit RV for a workshop at our La Mesa RV flagship store in West Sacramento to talk about how to maintain your health and fitness while living on the road. The Fit RV drew a great crowd of eager RV lovers determined to keep their new year’s resolutions this year, especially when traveling. James and Stef shared a simple diagram to help navigate important areas to work on as you being your journey to exercise and gain strength, all while living out of your RV. Check out everything we learned from the fittest RVers we know!


The Fit RV share how they maintain a healthy livestyle while living on the road at our West Sacrameto location for a holiday workshop


This wasn’t your average “lose 10 pounds” or “workout more” workshop – what James and Stef advocate for is how to make attainable and specific goals. Here’s how:

1. Break down each goal you have, one by one. Get to the root of what you need to do to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

2. Exercising and eating right coincide with so many other things in life that in order to be healthier, you have to look at all aspects, such as your mental health and friendships and other life stresses.


Workshop at La Mesa RV with the Fit RV


The triangle diagram focuses on three crucial areas of life. Mental, Physical and Social. Healthy living needs to be looked at from a holistic approach – this isn’t a temporary change to get fit then go right back to the same habits. It’s a lifestyle change, meaning, it’s a conscious choice you’re making to develop wholesome habits that will shift your perspective, challenge your body and ultimately lead you to a better state of mind. Below, we break down each area.

– Spiritual
– Stress
– Travel
– Hobbies

– Exercise
– Nutrition
– Sleep
– Habits

– Friends
– Alone time

After breaking each area down, we can now get a more realistic view of what impacts a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about exercising more or eating better, it’s about challenging yourself in other areas in hopes of achieving an overall well-rounded life. This diagram is something you can write out each month, making note of where you want to make progress mentally, socially and physically. This is a great way to be intentional and hold yourself accountable for the goals you want to accomplish this new year.


Want to learn more from The Fit RV? Check out our recent posts where we Take a Tour of The Fit RV’s Home on Wheels and chat about How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle While Living on The Road. Do you live and workout on the road? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the section below for a chance to be featured on our blog!


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