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How to Stay Connected on the Road Through Instagram


Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought, “How can I go there?” It’s a common feeling among RVers, especially in today’s climate of connectivity through social media. If you’re not already following other travelers through this photo sharing platform, we want to encourage you to do so. Following your favorite RV bloggers and road warriors not only gives you real life inspiration for your next trip, it allows you the opportunity to chat through likes and comments and create a budding road community that you can go to for support, questions and everything in between.

When you subscribe to the La Mesa RV blog and Instagram, you’ll be the first to get insights on trending RV travel locations, upcoming events, the newest RV accessories, How-To videos for your rig, the best RV campgrounds across the country, new RV deals and so much more. You can subscribe to the blog by simply putting your name and email address in the bar on the right. Don’t forget to turn on your Instagram push notifications for all @lamesarv updates!¬†Check out the easy steps you can take to follows us (and all your outdoor inspiration favorites) on Instagram below!



Instagram is more than pretty photos. It’s a guide to your next adventure.

1. Follow @lamesarv.
2. Click on the photo you’re inspired by. Leave a comment and/or like!
3. Go back to @lamesarv profile page and click on the blue link.
4. Scroll through the images until you find the photo of where you want to go to.
5. Click on the photo and you’ll be directed to our Experience Life Blog.
6. The blog then features all the tips and tricks you need to know about getting to that location!

If you ever have a question about a location on our Instagram, make sure to leave us a comment on the photo or on the blog. We will give you all the details to need to make sure you can take your virtual experience to a real life experience! Traveling in Colorado? Check out The Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Colorado Part I and II.


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